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Yan Kalika, DMD, ms is a certified professional in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. He is an active member of the American dental Association, the California dentist Association, the American combination of Orthodontics, the Pacific Coast culture of Orthodontics and the san Francisco dental Society.

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Dr. Kalika graduated v honors and also Phi Beta Kappa native the university of California at Berkeley in 1993, majoring in chemistry. While at Berkeley, he was in the student Honor society and golden Key respect Society.He received his dental degree from Harvard institution of Dental medicine in 1998. In addition, he perfect a fellowship in Washington D.C. In the field of dental wellness policy. While in ~ Harvard, Dr. Kalika served as chairman of the American student Dental Association where he received a nationwide award of excellence. He to be a lecturer at the Harvard institution of dentist Medicine and Harvard school of windy Health. He got honors in every clinical disciplines at Harvard institution of dentist Medicine, the Soma Weiss study Scholarship and also an global Research Fellowship from Harvard clinical School.Dr. Kalika completed his orthodontic training in ~ the university of California at san Francisco where he got a specialty certificate in orthodontics and facial orthopedics and a master’s degree in oral biology. He is cursed to giving quality orthodontic therapy while exceeding patients and parents’ expectations.Dr. Kalika is a co-founder, board member and/or partner of number of companies:

Diagnocat: An fabricated intelligence firm providing dentists with the cutting edge an innovation to complete their instances faster and administer a appropriate diagnosisTherozone: A disinfectant firm with one FDA authorized product providing the highest level of sterilizationBreathometer: A medical device companyRhinogram: A telemedicine firm providing online consultations and also tracking of orthodontic treatmentRevere Partners: one investment firm that provides avenues for investors and also capital because that cutting-edge advancements in the oral and also systemic health sectors.

As among the finest San Francisco orthodontists, Dr. Kalika also treated the highest variety of Invisalign patient of any kind of orthodontists in mountain Francisco and the bay Area and served together a consultant come Align modern technology (the creator of Invisalign) once the company started. That is likewise international grasp in chess, i beg your pardon is the perfect kind of an important thinking you desire in her orthodontist. Dr. Kalika will have the ability to find the shortest and also quickest means to complete your orthodontic treatment through a beautiful and also successful outcome.

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