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Overview (Spoilers Below):

Set 6 months ~ the initial anime series left off, Kabaneri that the iron Fortress: The fight of Unato picks up v our heroes trip to the Unato terminal in order to take it ago from the Kabane, zombies who offered to be humans. Anyone from the present (minus Takumi, that course) is present: Ayumi, Kurusu, Sayo, Yukina, Ikoma, and also Mumei. The steel Fortress team teams up with a tape of united pressures in order come take earlier Unato, yet things aren’t as they seem.

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Ikoma and Mumei have felt weird since getting here in the region. Ikoma describes it together a continuous headache. He additionally thinks the kabane in the area space acting abnormally, moving in groups and working with each other to take down humans. However nobody seems to believe him in ~ first, and so he it s okay quarantined once he blows up through anger and also attacks Mumei. A little while later, the unified forces begin to move towards Unato Castle, their objective to liberate. Meanwhile, Mumei goes to inspection a mining tunnel that Ikoma was suspicious of. She finds it filled through Kabane, and gets trapped inside with a boss kabane.

As she’s fighting for her life, the main united pressures group is overrun with kabane and their significant weapon explodes. Through the arrangement blowing up in their deals with (literally), some desire to retreat. Yet Ayami regulates the iron Fortress crew to push forward, wherein they will satisfy up through Ikoma and also Mumei. Ikoma breaks cost-free from his quarantine and also goes to rescue Mumei in the mine tunnels just in time. In addition to a few others, they monitor the tunnel right into Unato Castle and see Kagayuki, the previous owner that the castle, guarding his daughter Miyuki, that is in a glowing orb, close to form a gigantic monster of connected kabane. The 2 of them came to be Kabaneri in a disastrous accident, and also are filled v hatred. Ikoma and also Mumei space able to conquer them together, through some assist from the stole Fortress and a tunnel. There may still be danger and hatred around them, yet they’ve learned all it takes to endure is who you treatment about.

Our Take:

A nation divided through hatred, suspicion, and also fear. This is the civilization that Kabaneri the the iron Fortress locations us in. Initially an anime collection that came out on Amazon element in the united state in 2016, Kabaneri quickly ended up being one of mine favorite reflects of that summer. It’s a mixture that grim themes, epic music, and also emotional turbulence reminded a lot of people of attack on Titan. Indeed, it shares a lot with that blockbuster hit, consisting of being created by Wit Studio. But to me, that surpassed attack on Titan in some vital ways, like just how it taken on the world-building much more logically and also how the key character isn’t some overpowered hero to everyone. Ever because this movie was announced, I’ve to be looking front to it. Was it precious the wait?

Let’s acquire this the end of the method first: this collection has part confusing licensing deals. In spite of being streamed top top Amazon Prime, it was referred to as by Funimation, and the brand-new movie is only accessible on Netflix in the US. An additional weird point is that Netflix split it up right into three ‘episodes’ of around 30 minutes each, quite than enabling it to it is in one lengthy movie prefer it was in theatres. This presentation is just one of the factors that command me to my conclusion the this does not really feel choose a movie.

The plot chin is a lot of the reason for this. The course, that wouldn’t be Kabaneri the the stole Fortress there is no a most kabane death action, but aside from part amazingly-animated combat scenes, this movie doesn’t really lug anything brand-new to the table. Due to the fact that of the shorter nature the a movie VS whole anime season, there’s simply not sufficient time to develop any new characters beyond a surface ar level understanding. We barely get 5 minutes of screentime v the main antagonist, and even climate a the majority of that is simply exposition. I like that Kabaneri doesn’t generally pigeonhole that is villains together being purely angry – Kagayuki didn’t intended on becoming this way, but the hatred and anger in his heart made that behave prefer this. Ikoma and also Mumei nicely summarize this template at the end of the film, but I can’t assist but feel prefer it would’ve fight harder if we’d had more time to unpack the meaning for ourselves fairly than just hear our heroes say it flat out.

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Another among my issues with the movie was that there simply wasn’t sufficient of the side characters for me. Obviously, there just isn’t room for everyone when it pertains to big-screen adaptations prefer this. Yet one of mine favorite components of Kabaneri is the group dynamic. There’s a princess, a soldier, a kid prodigy, and also an typical train worker coming with each other to to win their typical enemies. Battle of Unato sidelines many of the characters aside from Ikoma and Mumei because that the an initial half of the film, and also even though they come together in the last ‘episode’, i still didn’t get enough of characters like Ayumi, Yukina, and also Sayo. (Although ns gotta praise the movie for providing us one step featuring Yukina’s abs.)

Finally, ns didn’t know what to do of the new relationship between Ikoma and Mumei. Every throughout the show, and also even in this movie, Ikoma is shown to see Mumei as a little sister. Due to the fact that his own small sister was eliminated by the kabane, the sees Mumei together a ‘second chance’ in a way, vowing not to let she die and giving she a promise to do her human again someday. Yet from the really start the the movie, it’s clear that Mumei has actually something the a like on Ikoma. I never gained this indigenous the show, so it seemed really the end of the blue here. Ns guess that’s what a six-month gap will do! and also with Mumei cultivation up through an older brother who turned the end to be a villain, Ikoma has filled that confident older role model an are for her. Yet after whole movie worth of getting saved through Ikoma (kind the a turn about from the series, whereby Mumei gets to be much more of a badass), Mumei ends up giving him a rapid kiss together they ride far victorious top top the train. Their whole dynamic seems to be getting thrown beside in donate of a share romance storyline, and also I’m not sure what to think. If they had to kiss, at the very least it went as well as it could’ve, with it being framed as more of my mischievous Mumei point than something Ikoma was proactively pursuing. (And i haven’t also unpacked the age difference in between them.)

I really appreciated the movie’s finishing message about how the kabane virus feeds top top anger, anxiety, and hatred. It speaks to concerns of today, and also Kabaneri has constantly done a good job of translating contemporary troubles right into an enticing steampunk, post-apocalyptic future. Another thing that helped complete the movie turn off on my great side to be the team dance number. That’s ideal after the zombies space defeated and also the evil vanquished, the whole crew of the train breaks out right into a traditional Japanese dance. The was possibly out of place, yet I loved it!

With a solid dub that seems to replicate most of the good casting of the original Funimation series dub, Kabaneri the the steel Fortress: The fight of Unato is definitely worth a watch for fans that the show. When it has some concerns with characterization and also focusing too much on Ikoma and Mumei to the detriment of other characters, it was nice see the iron Fortress gang with each other again. Sure, it may not it is in as amazing as the best moments from the show, yet it was still a quite epilogue of sorts. And also there might be an ext Kabaneri content to come, together I don’t think we’ve checked out the critical of them.