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* ( – TMZ has derived a copy of pop singer Justin Bieber’s videotaped deposition that he offered in and also the gossip website put it, “it’s simply unreal.”Bieber was in on Thursday, March 6th giving the deposition as component of a lawsuit filed versus him through a coast paparazzo.

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Last June, photographer Jeffrey Binion slapped a suit on the Biebs after ~ he insurance claims he to be roughed increase by one his bodyguards under the singer’s orders. Binion claims he was assaulted while snapping images of Bieber outside of The Hit manufacturing facility recording studio in phibìc Beach.

Binion’s lawsuit cases Bieber “Directed Hesny and three various other bodyguards to challenge and to forcibly take it the memory map from camera.”

Read The sue Filed versus Bieber

In the deposition video clip obtained by TMZ, Bieber shows up angry, arrogant, flippant and defiant.

Bieber admitted under oath the he did not have a prescription for the tension drug Xanax, which he told the coast Police room he had actually been taking as soon as he was arrested here previously this year.

Throughout the proceedings, Bieber appeared flippant and smug. “Guess what,” Bieber asks opposing counsel. “I nothing recall.” “Why nothing you hear to what I need to say first,” claims the attorney. “I don’t need to listen come anything you say,” Bieber sniped back.

Here’s the an initial clip:

When questioning turned come Bieber’s ex-love Selena Gomez, the simply gained annoyed and angry. At one suggest asking, “Journalism, this no journalism!” once Binion’s lawyer note DiCowden continued to bring up Gomez, Justin appeared frustrated and eventually claimed “Don’t questioning me around her again.” He at some point left the room because that a break.

See the clip below:

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In one more clip, Bieber contrasted his interrogation to gift grilled by Katie Couric or 60 Minutes.

Watch that here:

In the last clip released, Bieber was asked about his long-time mentor Usher that was key to launching Justin’s career. Bieber dissed Usher and also said he to be actually uncovered on YouTube.

When the question was repeated, he replied, “Usher? Yeah, the sounds familiar.” He climate looked at the camera and also said, “I was uncovered on YouTube. Ns think ns was detrimental come my very own career.” DiCowden complained the he was right beside Justin but could not hear the answer, at which suggest Bieber’s attorney jumped in and also said Bieber had actually just defined that the was instrumental to his own career. “Instrumental,” Bieber repeated.

Here’s the clip:

Meantime, Bieber has a standing hearing scheduled for Tuesday, march 11th in his beach DUI case, which also includes a fee of resisting arrest without violence and also driving v an expired license. Bieber has actually pleaded not guilty to every charges.

Breath tests verified that his blood-alcohol content was below the 0.02 level taken into consideration intoxicated for underage drivers, however a to pee test found the visibility of marijuana and also the antidepressant Xanax. beach police stopped him Jan. 23 ~ what they said was one illegal street traction race involving exotic cars.

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The second driver, Khalil Amir Sharieff, a singer with Def Jam Records, was likewise arrested.

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Police have because released hrs of video of Bieber inside the police station and photos of Bieber in custody.