Regulators us regulate any stealing that his home We"re damn an excellent too yet you can"t be any kind of geek off the street

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Gotta it is in handy v the steel if you recognize what ns mean. Earn her keep! Regulators! mount up! It was a clear black night, a clear white moon Warren G was on the streets, trying to consume part skirts because that the eve, so i can acquire some phones roll in mine ride, chilling every alone just hit the east side of the LBC
~ above a mission trying to uncover Mr. Warren G viewed a car full of girls ain"t no have to tweak every you skirts recognize what"s up through 213 So ns hooks a left top top 21 and Lewis some brothers shooting dice therefore I said "Let"s carry out this" ns jumped out the ride, and also said "What"s up?" some brothers pulled some gats therefore I said "I"m stuck."
since these girls peeping me I"mma glide and swerve this hookers spring so hard they directly hit the curb top top bigger better things than part horny top I see my homey and some suckers every in his mix I"m obtaining jacked, I"m breaking myself i can"t believe they taking Warren"s wealth They took my rings, they took my Rolex i looked at the brother said "Damn, what"s next?"

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They obtained my homey hemmed up and they all around Can"t none of them see him if they going directly pound-for-pound lock wanna come up genuine quick prior to they start to clown I ideal pull the end my strap and also lay castle busters under lock got firearms to mine head i think I"m going under I can"t believe this keep going in my own town If I had actually wings I would certainly fly allow me contemplate i glanced in the cut and also I check out my homey Nate sixteen in the clip and also one in the feet Nate Dogg is around to make part bodies turn cold now they dropping and also yelling It"s a tad little bit late Nate Dogg and also Warren G had to control ns laid every them busters under I let mine gat explode currently I"m convert my mind back into freak mode If you desire skirts sit earlier and observe I simply left a gang of hoes over there on the curb now Nate gained the freaks and that"s a recognized fact before I obtained jacked i was ~ above the exact same track back up ago up "cause it"s top top N A T E and me The Warren to the G similar to I thought They were in the exact same spot In need of some desperate help But Nate Dogg and also the G-child to be in need of miscellaneous else one of them dames to be sexy as hell I said "oh, I prefer your size." She said "my car"s damaged down and also you seem genuine nice would you allow me ride?" I obtained a vehicle full that girls and also it"s going real swell The following stop is the Eastside Motel I"m tweaking into a whole brand-new era G-Funk action to this I dare you Funk on a whole new level The rate is the bass and also the bass is the treble Chords Strings us brings Melody G-Funk where rhythm is life and also life is valuation If you know like I understand You don"t wanna action to this It"s the G-Funk era Funked out through a gangster twist If girlfriend smoke like I smoke then you"re high like everyday and if her ass is a buster 213 will regulate