This undated picture released by Rolling stone shows the cover of the April 24, 2014 issue of Rolling stone magazine special actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, photographed by mark Seliger for Rolling Stone

Mark Seliger for Rolling Stone/The linked Press

published April 10, 2014

This article was published much more than 7 years ago. Some details in it might no much longer be current.

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Somebody in the Rolling rock art department could want to think about a refresher food in American history.

The venerable music magazine has acquired attention for this week" cover special Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus attract nothing yet a (presumably) momentary tattoo replica of the U.S. Constitution, v the signature of john Hancock emblazoned only inches over her left buttock.

The cheeky cover treatment appeared both clever and fitting, considering Louis-Dreyfus dram a fictional variation of the U.S. Vice president on the HBO comedy hit.

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But there" one tiny problem: john Hancock didn" authorize the U.S. Constitution.

As every American high college graduate and also regular Jeopardy! viewer knows, john Hancock, the chairman of the second Continental Congress, is renowned for signing the explanation of Independence.

In fact, Hancock" signature on that momentous document was so big and stylish that it eventually ended up being synonymous slang for the word signature itself.

As in: put your john Hancock ~ above the dotted line.

The historical gaffe naturally came to the fist of the Constitution center (
ConstitutionCTR) in Washington, D.C., which posted an image of the Rolling stone cover together the original document in Signers room on Twitter, in addition to the caption, " Washington come Rolling stone – thanks for the scream out, yet no Hancock here."

Never one to miss out on a comedic opportunity, Louis-Dreyfus (
OfficialJLD) blamed the signature gaffe on her Veep character" fictional director of communications, Mike McLintock (Matt Walsh).

And what was Rolling Stone" excuse? A spokesperson for the magazine said, " Julia Louis-Dreyfus cover winter the farcical tone of HBO" Veep, and the signature is one Easter egg because that fans the the show."

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We" take your word because that it, rojo Stone. This time.

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