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- and also one day, you"re gonna it is in Kicking Wing, animal Doctor. And then friend should change your surname to Kicking Ass. I would.

- Oh, man. Swerve them potholes. You know, due to the fact that of the atom bomb.

- One swing, and also this below ball-peen hammer will cause this A-bomb, and it"ll punch up the entirety city, probably even fifty percent the country.

- Now, here"s what i need. I need you to provide me the records of everybody that toured the grand Canyon on lock buses June 13, 1979.

- I"m not messin" around. I"ll fight it. And then the goes bang. All right?

- Now, if I"m up here waiting... You. Present me castle boobies.

- Dang. (2)

- Now, even you chosen the means that chick looked, didn"t you?

- also me? What"s that supposed to mean, man?

- I"m just saying, I"m beginning to doubt her hetero street credentials here.

- ns mean, never ever putting the move on Brandy...


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Well, that could be your problem. It"s no what girlfriend like. It"s the consumer.
You see that moon? you don"t understand how numerous nights I spent alone staring at that moon wonder if at that precise moment, my mother or my dad was looking at the same moon. And for that brief second, us were with each other again, type of, friend know?
Do it again, I"ll stab girlfriend in the face with a soldering iron.
Hey! You"re talkin" to my man all wrong. It"s the dorn tone.
You like to view homos naked?
Joe dirt (2001) Sound Clip


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Actors: David Spade (Joe Dirt), Brittany Daniel (Brandy), Dennis fearbut (Zander Kelly), Christopher take walk (Clem)

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