Ambit energy founders Jere Thompson Jr. (left), kris Chambless and also John Burke knew lock were building a data processing agency first. Ambit is just one of only ripe U.S. Retail power providers with over a million customers.

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On in march 6, 2006, the Dallas residences of Jere Thompson Jr. And his parents ended up being the first residences it is provided on electricity detailed by his upstart company, Ambit Energy.

Since then, 1.1 million residences throughout the country have rotate Ambit right into Dallas’ latest home-grown billion-dollar business.

Ambit"s revenue because that the critical 12 month was $1.022 billion. Thompson expects come close the end 2013 with $1.2 billion in revenue, a 30 percent hike from 2012, and also profits proceed to run at a double-digit clip.

The company sells strength in ripe states and also the district of Columbia, including electrical energy in Texas.

About now, you might expect to read the “We never expected this to take place so fast” quote from Thompson.

You won’t.

“The goal from the time Ambit turn on that switch to be $1 billion in revenue in 6 or seven years,” the 56-year-old chief executive, management says.

This isn’t Thompson’s first high-voltage venture. In the 1990s, he take it CapRock communications Corp. Native its infancy to $300 million in annual revenue prior to selling the end for about a half-billion dollars in late 2000, the critical of the huge telecom buyouts.

Ambit’s co-founders — Thompson, chef marketing officer chris Chambless and chief information officer john Burke — constantly knew they were building a data processing company very first and foremost.

That’s a lesson Thompson learned native his telecom days. Only companies with solid technology can handle the load of fast expansion.

“Companies come in reasoning they might duplicate what Ambit energy does, but they failed to realize that data handling is key,” Thompson says at Ambit’s workplaces in a 100-year-old West End structure that when housed basic Electric. “Once the volume hit, the tidal tide swamped them.”

Ambit is a multilevel marketing an equipment similar to mary Kay Inc. The the thousands of retail energy providers in the U.S., just nine have much more than a million customers.

Friends, family members at first

Early on, Thompson and his wife, Carolyn, and also his father, Jere Sr. (the previous CEO the Southland Corp., the original corporate parent of 7-Eleven), marketed Ambit electrical power to friends and family. They quiet do. Currently they have 210,000 fellow salespeople in ripe states and also Washington, D.C., with the biggest cluster in the Northeast.

Ambit is mostly owned by the Thompson family, plus vital executives and a grasp of prominent external investors, including Hunt Consolidated Investments.

Chris Kleinert, president of ray Hunt’s investment company, says Thompson developed an company where “his customers and his employees feel important and also heard.”

In 2010, Inc. magazine proclaimed Ambit the fastest-growing private firm in America. The editor that Inc."s perform was so worried by that exponential sales increases that she contacted me to make certain it wasn"t a fly-by-night company that would certainly crash and also burn.

It wasn’t and didn’t. And also Thompson is making sure it doesn’t.

“We’ve had actually the land sirloin to broaden into other markets,” Thompson says. “Now the hard component is farming — in reality penetrating the market and also building industry share.”

Surging numbers

Ambit doesn’t create power, gather organic gas or distribute one of two people utility. The sells electricity and also natural gas come consumers through a network of elevation consultants — a euphemism for customers who recruit various other customers in a multilevel marketing plan.

Ambit added 315,000 customers last year to push it past the 1 million mark and has steadily competent 44 percent year-over-year revenue growth.

But that expansion taxed the company. So Ambit is cooling that jets, revamping an innovation and letting that people catch their breath.

“We had rivals coming into the sector trying to gain a action ahead that Ambit, so us went ahead with the fast expansion, knowing it to be going to taxation the entire company, specifically the folks in IT,” Thompson says.

“But we additionally knew we’d be circling earlier right away and also letting the it is provided lines record up with the front lines. That brings united state to where we room today.”

The breather won’t critical long. Thompson states Ambit plan to include a couple of new states this year and expects revenue development of 25 percent for the following several years.

Founded: 2005

Headquarters: Dallas" West End

Ownership: 77 percent owned by the Thompson family; the remainder is own by key executives and also private investors.

What the does: sells electricity and natural gas in seven states and also Washington, D.C., plus natural gas in California and also electricity in Texas.

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Sales consultants: 210,000

Customers: 1.1 million

Employees: 625, through 225 downtown and also 400 in Plano. Half provide customer and also consultant care, 130 are in IT and the rest are in governmental positions.






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