Pop fans have actually started creating fake album tracklists, frequently with more revealing results than the reality


Taylor Swift’s recent revenge solitary Look What you Made Me Do has fans encouraged that upcoming album Reputation will be a collection of song pulled native the deepest recesses the Tay’s burn book. And, well, it probably will be.

But the fan-made “leaked” (fake) tracklists room funnier 보다 anything Swift could come increase with. Ranging from songs dubbed Dragging Kimye come fantasy collaborations – a covering of summer sprouts Girls’ Headlines through Katy Perry anyone? – very details parts the Taylor’s public image have been turned right into song titles. Her pretentious statement about her feud through Kanye West turns right into I Would choose To be Excluded native This Narrative, when the reality that the album’s Jack Antonoff-produced lead solitary sounds favor BFF Lorde i do not care a track dubbed Lordy Lordy lord (feat Lorde). Basically, whatever the album sounds like when it comes the end on 10 November, you’re most likely going to be uncomfortable there’s no song dubbed You Stole my Shark, i Stole your Wig.

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Virtual unreality ... A fan-made tracklisting because that Rihanna’s Anti.Reading any type of “leak” is only setting yourself up for disappointment. Previously this year, there to be the actually-very-on-brand insurance claim Kendrick Lamar’s recent album would attribute a track dubbed Paranoia, Is Love more powerful Than Death? (it’s not, and also it walk not). These hoaxes selection from incredibly in-depth – the Photoshopped CD instance for Jay-Z’s 4:44 the (accurately) noted Beyoncé together The Queen – to too many hopeful. Iggy Azalea has actually been the subject of 2 “leaked” tracklists: one claiming she’d be on Rihanna’s Anti; the various other saying 2001’s greatest rapper, Ja Rule, to be making a comeback top top Azalea’s upcoming album. The hoax being that not also a rapper whose career has actually been walk downhill because that 15 year would appear on an Iggy Azalea album.

Now that everyone has obtained Photoshop on your phones and something deserve to go native fan-fiction to fact in 500k retweets, things can acquire out of manage fast. In 2010, David Bowie called rumours – began by a Lady Gaga fansite – the he was collaborating with Gaga on her new album “a hoax”. Instead, we got a Gaga/R Kelly duet, which is choose waking up on Christmas morning to uncover coal in your stocking.

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But the most tantalising “leak” to be a fansite’s claim that the 2nd volume of Beyoncé’s self-titled album would attribute a track referred to as DONK with Nicki Minaj. Just imagine what that would have sounded like: influenced by the UK’s 2008 donk scene, all bouncy techno, the Blackout Crew ~ above the remix, Minaj in the video clip looking perplexed on Wigan pier. Fans and your fake tracklistings, you re welcome stop; your truth is far much more interesting.

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