fast Facts the Jay Ryan

Full NameJay RyanNet Worth$3 MillionDate the Birth29 August, 1981NicknameBunnersBirthplaceAuckland, brand-new ZealandProfessionActorActive Year1998-presentHeight6" 0¾" (1.85 m)Online PresenceInstagram, FacebookChildren1

Jay Ryan is a brand-new Zealand actor who climbed to fame after play the duty of Jack Scully in the Australian soap opera, Neighbours. Furthermore, he garnered huge media attention for portraying the duty of Ben Hanscom in It Chapter two which is the sequel the the 2017 horror film, It.

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Jay Ryan Wife, Dianna Fuemana

Sad to say for the female fans of Jay, the It: Chapter 2 star is a married male as of now. Not to mention, that is in a happy marital connection with the best friend turned wife, Dianna Fuemana. In fact, Dianna is a brand-new Zealand Pacific writer, director, and producer by profession.

Jay Ryan v his wife, Dianna and also his daughter, EveSource: Pinterest

Like most celebrities, Jay additionally loves to store his love life away from his expert life as lot as that can. So, no much details is out concerning his dating and marriage date with Dianna Fuemana. In fact, the duo very first seen together in the 2003 Logie Awards. Probably, they might have started dating at that time.

Jay Ryan kissing his daughter, EveSource: Instagram (jayryanofficial)

Apart from their marital life, the duplet is also a proud parental of a daughter, Eve Bunyan that was born in 2013. As of 2021, she is 7 years old and also must be attending her elementary school. For now, the couple is living a relaxed life. As a loving father, Jay often uploads cute photos of her daughter and also wife top top his Instagram.

Chemistry between Jay Ryan and Kristen Kreuk

Jay Ryan and Kristen Kreuk room co-stars the the famed TV series Beauty and also a Beast. No to mention, their outstanding on-screen romantic made fans and also followers believe them together a real-life couple. In the series, Jay played Vincent Keller’s role, vice versa, Kreuk played the main role, Catherine Chandler.

Jay Ryan through his co-star, Kristen KreukSource: Pinterest

The collection aired indigenous 2012 to 2016 and their romantic chemistry and also outstanding performance was jaw-dropping. However, Kristen Kreuk is a single woman and Jay is currently married.

How lot Is The net Worth of Jay Ryan?

The beauty and also the beast actor, Jay Ryan’s network worth is about $3 Million as of 2021. The primary resource of his earnings is his effective acting career. To date, he has showed up in over 10+ movies and also 15+ TV series.

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Among them, his many critically acclaimed movies are IT: Chapter two which earned $683,955,083 worldwide, and also The Furnace earn $302,249 worldwide. There is no a doubt, the bagged a 6 number salary from these box-office movies.

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Besides, that has likewise starred in famous TV series such together Beauty and the Beast, mar Kills People, and also Fighting Seasons. Furthermore, the average income of a movie actor is around $81,000 every year. So, he have to be earning end $100,000 every year as an award-winning actor.