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James E. Allen Jr./Sr. High School

35 Carman Road, Dix Hills, NY 11746Program #242.010, 243.010, 244.010Martin Hearney, Principal(631) 549-5580

James E. Allen Jr./Sr. High institution serves students eras 12 v 21 who existing a selection of disabilities and also require extensive support. Classroom accuse incorporates the typical Core learning Standards, and significant emphasis is on emerging life an abilities so students may be successfully placed in a donate work setting upon graduation.

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A range of training opportunities for supportive employment consisting of a an extensive Work tasks Center is available. Many of the students take part in travel training to assist them in elevation ambulation within the community. Most students get involved in community-based vocational sites and also receive cultivate by working through non-disabled individuals.

The program’s team approach brings with each other the related company staff, routine psychologists, and also social workers who occupational in concert with the classroom staff to maximize each child’s potential. The services of a consulting psychiatrist are easily accessible for those developmentally disabled students who likewise have psychiatric needs. The highest priorities in ~ this program are to aid students to construct functional and also independent living skills for everyday living tasks and prepare because that success in the new York State alternating Assessments.

Available class Size Groupings
Option II12 students : 1 Teacher + 1 Paraprofessional Designed because that students that exhibit disability which interfere through the instructional procedure to the degree that an additional adult must assist with class instruction and management.

Option IIIA8 student : 1 Teacher + 1 Paraprofessional Designed for students with extensive management needs. The habits of student in this level of company may be defined by some degree of aggression, inappropriate responses, self-abusive or withdrawn.

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Option IV9 Students: 1 Teacher + 3 Paras/Support/Related services Staff Designed for students with intensive management needs. As result of multiple disabilities, these students call for intense supervision for everyday living support. Students typically requireassistance in ambulation, feeding, toileting and also other simple life skills to ensure a healthy and also safe environment.