This past week, we read and also learned about different types of leadership forms. One of these leadership forms is referenced together “service leadership.” In organization leadership, leaders adapt a “servant approach to how they straight and collection an example for others to monitor by treating them as equals.

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Coined through Robert K. Greenleaf, the maid leader is one who “is maid first… It begins with the organic feeling the one desires to serve, to offer first. The conscious selection brings one come aspire to lead” (The Servant together Leader).

Results space then accomplished by offering equal priority come the thoughts and also needs of followers/colleagues and also those they serve.

“Servant leaders yes, really are an excellent at listening, they remain close to their colleagues, they have actually a great understanding the what your colleagues have to perform in ~ a high level and also they work hard to gain that come them,” says Greenleaf.

Though this may seem prefer the ideal, participative form of leadership, the is not foolproof. Similar to everything, the concept of business leadership has its critics. Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich, that was also a roman Catholic priest, was one who assumed otherwise. Ns came throughout an attend to he offered to a team of American volunteers at the Conference on InterAmerican Student jobs (CIASP) in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he was invite to speak ~ above April 20, 1968.

Titled “To Hell with good Intentions,” Illich discusses the deep risks of paternalism natural in any kind of “do-gooding” voluntary act of service, specifically within the paper definition of global mission purposes.


Ivan Illich. Source: Wikipedia

Addressing the mission team at that specific historical epoch, he says that those people the volunteer aim to assist may no all require or desire their aid. Illich support this based upon the differences of culture; because that instance, the two groups are educationally, linguistically and also financially unequal, so it is unfair come assume the the sales pitch for “the American way of life” through imposing their culture on the neighborhood is what the inhabitants actually want.

He go on to link the idea by saying most that these volunteers come indigenous a comfortable and privileged lifestyle; one that would offer them the high-end to take it time to travel and volunteer. V most discovering only the one comfortable way of life that has treated lock favorably, their mission “vacations” serve to spread this method of being to “newly uncovered poverty.”

Overall, Illich makes an extremely broad generalizations to make his points because that volunteering american to not just stop imposing their culture, yet to relinquish any form of global aid.

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Put in the context of the general idea of company leadership, that is ripe to store in mental that not every one will take kindly to a service-driven leader kindness and also generosity. Ns think that the idea is of business leadership is good; one where all members are motivated to participate and communicate. However, whether we realize that or not, us all have preeminent (mostly subconscious) biases, that may reflect the means we undertake and lead. V the an essential and active need come want and do an excellent for the world, we should take right into account others’ cultures and their thoughts, feelings and also dispositions on matters of leadership.