I"m so puzzled right now.How come the harbor Freight in Charleston, WV closed? What to be their reasoning behind this closing? ns can"t wrap mine mind roughly it myself therefore an explanation would be more than welcome.The keep was situated at 917 Cross...—readmore

Bought something from this store a couple of weeks ago. Went ago last week and it is shuttered and also empty. No announcement, no closeup of the door sale, no relocation notice

Harbor Freight Tools" 117 Abbott St store in Salinas to be sweet. In my fantasy, it"s quiet open. As soon as did the close?

I just heard that this save is closeup of the door ,WHY? We have shopped this store all this years. They always had every little thing in stock!! and THEY WERE always BUSY !!!!!!!

I think that Harbor Freight is managing themselves rather well in such a case like this pandemic. Donations, planning new stores, opening new stores... It"s just an extremely remarkable in mine mind. They"re a top top a to win streak and also I expect it stop up.

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Would friend look at that. Ns really had no inkling the Harbor Freight devices closed this keep in Delray Beach. It just went under my radar. Go they close any kind of other of their Florida stores in the during or just this one?

I wonder why this save closed? It was so in-demand once it very first showed increase I found it so difficult to believe it stopped being popular in the end... Maybe they had some concerns with high the rent was? I"m only guessing though.

I am a little bit confused. Go anyone understand if the harbor Freight tools in mobile is close up door or not? ns was called it was closed a while earlier but currently I learned the it was never closed to begin with... Are they just closed in the interim or will they/are they...—readmore

Harbor Freight tools in Newark California has shuttered.I"m a bit upset by this. I always thought the it did fine financially but apparently the did not. That"s the reason right? since there is no various other reason for it come close.

I save hearing world talking about feasible Harbor Freight devices closures on the horizon and I just don"t know if i can think it. The chain is opening quite a many stores and I just haven"t heard something dire native the company. Something is...—readmore

Which ones will close this year? Will any of castle close at all? That would be cool. I favor Harbor Freight Tools, I would certainly hate to see them close any of your stores.

harbor Freight (AL) – Birmingham - 136 green Springs Hwy AL 35209 Phone: (205) 290-0354 – most likely Closed (Year): 2017 port Freight (AR) – small Rock - 5820 Asher Ave AR 72204 Phone: (501) 562-6262 – more than likely Closed (Year): 2014 ...—readmore

Is harbor Freight tools permanently close up door in cell phone Alabama at 4685 airport Blvd or what? my coworker claimed that they have closed for an excellent but digital it states that castle are just temporarily closed. Was he just misinformed when he stated that they have...—readmore

Just letting you guys recognize that the Harbor Freight devices that was situated on 1452 Semoran Boulevard in Winter Park, Florida has actually closed. I was type of surprised nobody talked about this yet to it is in fair, it happened a if ago.

cannot think how many poor responses this save had gained in the past while it to be still open, why?? they always had what i necessary in the ago and their prices were reasonable, completely affordable. Macon ga is poorer because that not having actually this harbor...—readmore

Does everyone by some wild happenstance understand what could have possibly occurred to this harbor Freight Tools store in Newark ~ above Cedar Boulevard in California?Did their lease expire or was your rent as well high? ns really preferred this store...

Could harbor Freight tools close in fort Gratiot? ns feel choose that"s Michigan"s finest Harbor Freight though, so i can"t watch them execute that yet stranger things have happened wrt closings.

Harbor Freight Tools opened up in Mechanicsburg, PA. Ns love how cheap lock are, yet the affordable price don"t typical their stuff is of a poor quality (on the contrary).They will have their grand opening celebration in a couple of weeks top top July 10th. I...—readmore

Harbor Freight devices is gearing approximately close your Camarillo distribution center in California, which will result in the lose of 51 jobs.The upcoming layoffs will certainly take place in between June 22 and July 1 this summer. The employees are eligible...—readmore

The company in this store is frightful and also am looking forward to that closing . Over there is a wonderful residence Depot under the street where you will grt far better service and also employees that understand what they room doing

Is it feasible that this store in FG is closeup of the door soon? harbor Freight tools is my favourite store and it"d be a great pity to view this save go away.Please share any info. Ns hear rumors and also that"s a bummer.

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This closing organization is to generate business. How many furniture shop announce closings? "Everything must go" is a ploy therefore you"ll buy it and also they can lug in much more "stuff". The one thing I wish they"d bring back are the very small, very...—readmore

I really think they room doing simply fine, good job. Great store and also it"s not closing. Harbor Freight tools is yes, really well managed and I like prices.

What"s the setup for Charleston and Ceredo areas for HF - space they gonna shut lock down and lay civilization off?

Better pricing 보다 the internet - harbor Freight is my choice when it involves tools - I know that many rivals ARE closing STORES- that"s 1000% confirmed, at least right here in California because that now however not sure about 2017

But, save in mind, they are under attack and they might be closing some stores - it"s tough for castle to compete with Amazon , it"s crazy how easily things have acquired worse - ns hope HF closes no stores and also that they continue to offer good customer...—readmore

Going strong, among the best stores in Idaho Falls, we"ll view what happens but as whole the agency is doing well - yet there is a ton of pressure from the net retailers so any brick and also mortar retailer may be closing stores quickly - Harbor...—readmore


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