English is not my indigenous language and I execute not average to be offensive, so don't take it it otherwise. Ns am do the efforts to uncover the ideal career match.

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It seems, that audit jobs are projected to increase at a high speed. That would mean, that obtaining such a job would be comparatively easy. Add to that, the pay seems great enough too.

Yet, in spite of these benefits, over there doesn't it seems to be ~ to be many world who room all excited because that an accounting career. This is purely anecdotal, though.

So why is this?


Obtained my undergraduate bookkeeping degree in 2011; graduate level (MSA) and also CPA certification in 2012; been working in public accountancy (auditing) at a "Big Four" firm for ~2 years. Might be able to shine part light on what it's favor to first get involved in the profession.

First and foremost, you are going to occupational your ass off -- nevertheless of even if it is or no you enter public or private industry. Publicly is walking to it is in a constant fight against deadlines and customer demands; personal is walking to be littered with month-end closes and also press releases. In public, mine schedule generally dies down a bit in between April and also December (probably 45 hours/week), yet otherwise I job-related closer to 60-65. Saturdays room mandatory at most firms, i beg your pardon is fine, since it would certainly otherwise it is in very challenging to accomplish the 55-hour/week requirement during busy season.

As a result, many people get melted out quickly, due to the fact that it's an overwhelming to toggle a social/family life with your workload. Truthfully, it help to be solitary with few commitments.

That gift said, the industry is in hefty demand and also only increasing. Turnover is high, and not many civilization can perform what we carry out (both mentally and functionally). Consequently, the pay and also benefits room pretty great. Because that example, after graduating, I had multiple job offers and also the ability to choose where I want to work. Additionally, my starting annual value was much more than what my parents do -- combined. Most of the firms will certainly reimburse you for misc. Life expenses, together well, such together gym memberships, cell phones, some parking, etc. Most of the partners identify how complicated our job is and treat us, accordingly.

The biggest perk, however, is that having actually a lift in accountancy and her CPA certification can take you pretty much everywhere you desire to it is in (career-wise). Accountancy is one of the five entrance programs for the FBI, and I recognize several human being who have left public audit to pursue totally unrelated methods -- federal government work, fraud investigation, teaching, etc. Somewhat noteworthy, if you're interested in academics, is that accountancy PhDs are at this time in absurd demand. I've heard if you attain one with the intention come teach, you deserve to take your doctorate to pretty much any business school and also land a tenured-track position.

But to answer your initial question, "is a career in accounting boring or interesting," I'd to speak it varies person-to-person and it's dependence on what ar you get associated with. Public auditing is walk to take you come a new client every few weeks, with various teams, and different audit objectives. Public taxes is walk to keep you in the office many of the time, but working on different filings and also projects. Corporate bookkeeping is going come be very repetitious with frequently comparable tasks -- however if you're right into monotony, it can be her thing.

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But, in the end, if you're an analytical person who enjoys interpreting numbers, tinkering v Excel, working v people, making use of formulas, and having an elevation workload, accountancy could be a good fit. And also if you can bear v it for at least 1-2 years, the succeeding payoff will be precious the effort.