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chapter 1: Looking in ~ Data—Distributions 1.1: Data 1.2: Displaying Distributions v Graphs (5) 1.3: explicate Distributions with Numbers (15) 1.4: thickness Curves and also Normal distribution (20) 1: practice (7) 1: Extra difficulties (31) thing 2: Looking at Data—Relationships 2.1: relationships 2.2: Scatterplots (3) 2.3: Correlation (5) 2.4: Least-Squares Regression (13) 2.5: Cautions around Correlation and also Regression (4) 2.6: Data analysis for Two-Way Tables (3) 2.7: The question of Causation (2) 2: practice (6) 2: Extra troubles (27) thing 3: creating Data 3.1: sources of Data 3.2: architecture of experiment 3.3: Sampling design (7) 3.4: principles 3: practice (9) 3: Extra difficulties (14) chapter 4: Probability: The examine of Randomness 4.1: Randomness 4.2: Probability Models (12) 4.3: random Variables (8) 4.4: method and Variances of random Variables (14) 4.5: basic Probability rule (16) 4: practice (6) 4: Extra difficulties (9) chapter 5: Sampling distributions 5.1: toward Statistical Inference 5.2: The Sampling circulation of a Sample typical (12) 5.3: Sampling Distributions for Counts and also Proportions (14) 5: exercises (8) 5: Extra difficulties (26) chapter 6: arrival to Inference 6.1: Estimating with Confidence (7) 6.2: tests of meaning (10) 6.3: Use and also Abuse of tests (2) 6.4: Power and Inference as a Decision (4) 6: practice (12) 6: Extra troubles (15) thing 7: Inference for means 7.1: Inference for the typical of a population (14) 7.2: compare Two way (9) 7.3: extr Topics ~ above Inference (2) 7: exercises (13) 7: Extra troubles (24) thing 8: Inference because that Proportions 8.1: Inference for a solitary Proportion (11) 8.2: Comparing two Proportions (3) 8: exercises (11) 8: Extra difficulties (25) chapter 9: Inference because that Categorical Data 9.1: Inference because that Two-Way Tables (2) 9.2: goodness of to the right (3) 9: practice (7) 9: Extra problems (21) chapter 10: Inference because that Regression 10.1: basic Linear Regression (4) 10.2: much more Detail about basic Linear Regression (4) 10: exercises (14) 10: Extra difficulties (17) chapter 11: multiple Regression 11.1: Inference for Multiple Regression (4) 11.2: A instance Study 11: exercises (26) 11: Extra troubles (8) thing 12: One-Way analysis of Variance 12.1: Inference because that One-Way analysis of Variance (6) 12.2: comparing the way (4) 12: practice (19) 12: Extra difficulties (19) chapter 13: Two-Way analysis of Variance 13.1: The Two-Way ANOVA model 13.2: Inference because that Two-Way ANOVA 13: exercises (21) 13: Extra difficulties (6) thing 14: Logistic Regression 14.1: The Logistic Regression version (5) 14.2: Inference for Logistic Regression 14: exercises (13) thing 15: Nonparametric test 15.1: The Wilcoxon Rank amount Test (8) 15.2: The Wilcoxon Signed Rank test (2) 15.3: The Kruskal-Wallis test 15: practice thing 16: Bootstrap Methods and Permutation tests 16.1: The Bootstrap Idea 16.2: an initial Steps in making use of the Bootstrap (6) 16.3: exactly how Accurate Is a Bootstrap Distribution? 16.4: Bootstrap to trust Intervals (2) 16.5: Significance trial and error Using Permutation tests (2) 16: practice thing 17: Statistics because that Quality: regulate and ability 17.1: Processes and also Statistical process Control (4) 17.2: Using manage Charts 17.3: procedure Capability Indexes (2) 17.4: regulate Charts because that Sample Proportions (2) 17: exercises 17: Extra problems (18)
Introduction to the practice of Statistics (IPS), 9th edition, by David S. Moore, George P. McCabe, and also Bruce A. Craig mirrors students how to produce and also interpret data indigenous real-world contexts—doing the same form of data collection and analysis that working statisticians in every kinds that businesses and institutions carry out every day. Through this phenomenally successful method originally emerged by David Moore and George McCabe, statistics is much more than just a arsenal of techniques and also formulas. Instead, students construct a systematic way of thinking around data, through a emphasis on problem-solving the helps them know statistical concepts and master statistical reasoning.Features:Every digitalrecordersreview.org question links to applicable chapters in a fully integrated eBook.Learning Curve adaptive quizzing easily accessible for every chapter.StatTutors carry out multimedia tutorials with built-in assessments the explore vital statistics concepts and also procedures.Video technology Manuals provide brief instructions because that using particular statistical software program (over 50 topics/videos every software) and are available for TI-83/84 calculators, JMP, Excel, Minitab, SPSS, R, and RCmdr.Statistical Videos covers StatClips, StatClips Examples, Statistically speaking "Snapshots," and StatBoards, consisting of animated great videos, whiteboard lessons, and also documentary-style footage the illustrate an essential statistical concepts and help students visualize statistics in real-world scenarios.Associated data files from the textbook are obtainable to use for proper exercises, formatted for TI-83/84 calculators, JMP, Excel, Minitab, SPSS, R, and RCmdr.Downloadable test banks and also practice quizzes for each chapter.Book certain PowerPoint lecture slides and iClicker slides.Instructor and also student systems manuals.Use the Textbook Edition upgrade Tool
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