South Africa beat master India by 6 wickets v 17 balls still remaining in their 2nd of three Twenty20s in Cuttack ~ above Monday.

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The result method South Africa now have actually an unassailable 0-2 collection lead heading right into the last T20 top top Thursday.

The second T20 was a finish contrast to the first one, though, and it to be soured by the group behaving badly.


South Africa placed in an immense effort in the field on Monday. They have actually slipped up a few times in current months, but this to be a lesson in just how to field.

The operation out that Rohit Sharma was a an especially impressive item of work.

When the Proteas gain it right in the field, they space superb. The something lock work difficult on, and it need to be pleasing as soon as it pays off.


South Africa"s bowlers put in a finish turnaround performance compared to their initiatives in the very first T20 on Friday.

They did no concede a solitary six and also dismantled India because that 92.

Much that the push came together a an outcome of south Africa"s hard fielding, however Imran Tahir was ago to his best and even Albie Morkel chipped in with 3 sticks.

Consistency is a slight worry (there were 11 extras, ripe of which were wides), however luckily, south Africa controlled to acquire away v it this time.


In the very first T20, India placed on formidable batting display screen that was led through Rohit Sharma. This time, they collapsed in a heap.

Sure, southern Africa bowled well and also some spicy fielding brought about Rohit Sharma’s wicket, yet there were a couple of other simple errors that price India.

Virat Kohli was run out needlessly, Suresh Raina to let go a googly and Ambati Rayudu missed a complete toss.


This was yet an additional complete opposite compared to the an initial T20. There, the crowd to be treated to some superb entertainment. This time, there was very tiny for them come celebrate.

The crowd decided to display their dismay by cram bottles. That was manageable at first, but when south Africa to be 64 for three and also within sight of victory, an ext bottles were thrown and also the enhance had to be halted.

The players no look also bothered, they simply sat approximately having a chat. But it to be severely disappointed behaviour native the crowd.

Sure, you might be angry since your team is acquiring hammered, but to behave therefore inconsiderately is simply foolish.

Later, beat was stopped again with south Africa top top 70 for three, and also a lengthy discussion in between South afri management, Faf du Plessis and match officials take it place.

They at some point got earlier onto the field, yet the hold-up was annoying and also unnecessary.

Winner: The match Officials
5 that 5

Biswaranjan Rout/Associated Press

While the crowd were acting in one unruly manner, the complement officials to be doing their best to gain play restarted.

In instances like these, it’s frequently easy to simply abandon play—especially if a an outcome is already feasible via the Duckworth-Lewis method. But the officials that were at Cuttack top top Monday deserve tremendous credit.

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Chris wide could have determined to speak to things turn off after the second time play had actually to it is in halted, yet they controlled to gain play restarted with many of the group cleared out.