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If girlfriend Know how I feel Why would certainly You say That a reaction video and copypasta an initial cried by Kim Kardashian ~ above an illustration of the fact television series Kourtney and also Kim Take new York in 2012. The scene very first became renowned on YouTube in 2015 and gather to edit that typically used the audio in remixes or reaction clips. In 2020, the clip to be uploaded come TikTok and became famous lip-sync audio.


On January 29, 2012, The final episode the Kourtney and also Kim Take brand-new York aired ~ above E! and featured a scene in i beg your pardon Kim Kardashian cries to she sister Kourtney and says "If you know exactly how I feel, why would you say that? favor you put me in such an uncomfortable situation, prefer you recognize that I"m no happy, you understand that I"m make the efforts to see if the will work-related out here, and also I know that it"s not." (shown below). The clip was first uploaded to YouTube on august 22nd, 2015 and also gained over 2 million views and 34,000 likes in 5 years.


On respectable 22, 2015, YouTuber Ella Ciris uploaded a Spongebob Squarepants clip using the audio (shown below, left). The edit garnered end 604,500 see in 5 years (shown below, left). On November 17th, 2017, YouTuber Vincent A. Uploaded a remixed variation of the audio and received over 120,500 see in three years (shown below, right). That same month the lines to be posted to r/copypasta.<1>

gossip_girlxoxo uploaded the initial clip and also gained end 86,500 likes in four months (shown below, left). On April 7th, TikToker
thisisvirginiakerr uploaded a video lipsyncing the audio through the inscription "when her husband refuses to be in your video so you have to play the too" (shown below, center). The video gained end 110,200 likes in two months. On may 14th, TikToker
chadwena uploaded an ironic lipsync video clip using the audio and built up over 808,300 likes in a month (shown below, right).




Despite taking place In Pre-industrial Times, "Pokémon Legends: Arceus" Will give Players A cabinet Phone

Sometimes you uncover something the really provides you cringe, and this is 15 the those somethings in a row!

The trend ruined TikTok back in August and also hasn"t stopped since, result in numerous inedible cake pops throughout the world.

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