Episode 8 the Tyler Perry’s collection If love You Is Wrong was, hands-down, among the best episodes the the season! and it looks together if the won’t be slowing down! This main we gain to check out a small bit the everybody if in the hospital. Threats, drug usage FBI businesses, and also shifty organization all fill this episode, while we still room trying to uncover out whether or not two important personalities are in danger. Will Randal, Pete, or miss Louise survive? What about the baby? will certainly Brad ever be able to go home? Is Marcie pregnant?


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The ILYIW episode starts off through Eddie payment Pete a visit in his hospital room. Turns out the the FBI detail went come the bathroom, offering Eddie a chance to sneak in….SMH. Eddie asks him about the tapes and Pete simply tries come play choose he can’t psychic anything for this reason Eddie will certainly leave the alone, yet that doesn’t exactly go the way he wanted it to. Then, in an effort to scare and also intimidate him even more, Eddie decides to stick his finger in among Pete’s bullet holes and apply pressure!! Pete can’t really feel it since of the medicine, yet he feels enough to understand that Eddie is serious crazy. Before Eddie leaves, Ben put a syringe in his IV – I’m not sure what he placed in there, yet Pete doesn’t take any type of chances and also snatches the IV out of his arm. Before he can call for help, he overcome out. Eddie sneaks the end of the hospital room when Ben distracts the FBI detail. Ns really desire someone to take Eddie out….PLEASE!!

Meanwhile, together Lushion and also Natalie are in the hospital, Andrew calls Lushion to tell him that they uncovered Alex’s car, but they sent him out there without backup and he didn’t have actually a good feeling. Lushion later referred to as Esperanza, that filled him in on the details around the kidnapping and also the lacking baby daddy. Lushion called her that he’d take care of it and also told Esperanza no to speak to everyone there. Esperanza was like, “Waay ahead of you. Yet we can’t talk about all the details over the phone.”

As that’s walking on, we ultimately see Miss Louise, that is tho in her hospital bed. Ben is an alleged to be she security, but instead he’s in her room getting high off of her morphine! Eddie to walk in and catches him, make the efforts to provide him this entirety speech around how he’s “in a entirety other place,” and needs to stop. The same human who was giving ole dude drugs and who keeps threaten folks and also trying to obtain them eliminated suddenly has morals? Boy, bye! Eddie then looks at miss out on Louise and also is like, “So this is the b***h” that birthed Randal,” and also slapped her in the confront three times! as they are going ago and forth about the morphine and Ben gift high, Marcie and the nurse walk in. The nurse and Ben leave out, leaving Marcie and also Eddie in the room together. As soon as they close the door, Eddie go in: “It’s quite to check out you, Marcie. I’m yes, really sorry about Randal.” Marcie was like, “Wait, is that dead?” Eddie to be like, “I don’t know, yet that’s what it’s starting to look at like. I thought you’d be happy at the thought of him being dead; if anyone make me the laughing share of mine neighborhood, I’d want them dead.” Marcie to be like, “Well, us can’t every be monsters choose you.” then Eddie stated the worst thing: “I didn’t take it you together a weak b***h that would let a guy do you prefer that,” and Marcie responded by slapping the taste out of his mouth! Eddie to be like, “I choose that. Carry out it again,” so she did. And also she walk one much more time ~ that. Lastly she simply told the to obtain out. Eddie beginning talking around this fake theory about how she and also Brad could have arisen this scheme together and whatnot – Marcie said, “If you desire to talk to me, you will talk with my lawyer.”

When Eddie ultimately left, Marcie visited talk to miss out on Louise, as soon as she opened her eyes! She said Marcie the she’s been awake the whole time – she was awake as soon as Ben took her IV, when Eddie slapped her, and when they talked about killing folks. Miss out on Louise was like, “I’m in trouble. You must go earlier to the house, acquire my phone, and call Garrett Henderson. I’m in trouble and we need the FBI.” Marcie promised she she’d assist and go ahead and left the room. Miss Louise was still awake, yet as shortly as Ben peeked in the door, she shut them eyes real quick!

As Marcie leaves, she runs right into Lushion. She tells him whatever that miss out on Louise said her, so Lushion said her the he will help her and take care of the FBI detail for them. Lushion climate goes to miss out on Louise’s room whereby he finds Ben, that is tho coming off of his high. Lushion slaps him approximately a tiny bit and makes that tell the truth about Eddie gift there. Lushion then goes right into the room to talk to miss Louise, who is tho playing like she’s uncoscious. The tries to gain her to open up her eyes, yet she wouldn’t respond till he told her that he can’t trust any kind of of the various other cops there. He then told her that he was willing to help her v anything she needed and also left his card with her before leaving. When he it s okay out, the calls the FBI male for an additional detail.

Then we watch Alex walking under the exit road as soon as Andrew cd driver up. The asks she to get in the automobile so they have the right to take her to the station, however she refuses and also starts crying and also saying the he needs to take she to she parent’s home so lock can gain the baby. After ~ a quick back-and-forth, Andrew lastly gets she to sit in the car.

After the we check out Lushion fussing in ~ the FBI detail that was claimed to clock Pete. Lushion was like, “Where is he?! You know I’m phone call this in! Go find out where he is! You recognize you were supposed to continue to be here!” So i don’t understand if Pete to be moved, if that died, is back in surgery….nobody knows.

Then we watch Marcie heading to her car. While she’s walking, she phone call Kelly come talk about everything that happened and what miss out on Louise said. All of a sudden, Marcie starts stumbling a little bit, “I don’t feeling so good. I feel a little dizzy.” prior to she deserve to really call Kelly what’s wrong, Marcie passes out!

The If loving You Is Wrong illustration ends through the racist crew opening the pine tree box, acquisition Randal out, and dragging the somewhere right into the woods…..

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