The story behind the quote: This is a first! Not only am i using another Star Trek quote from the 2nd film, The Wrath the Khan, however I’m also going to usage the exact same clip from one of this blog’s faster entries! So, ns won’t yes, really be creating that long of a collection up for this one.

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Spock had actually to enter the warp core of the ship to repair the engines so that they can escape destruction. Since of this, he has been exposed to a fatal dose of radiation and also is dying. Kirk rushes come his assist but is can not to help his friend. Together he’s dying, Spock tells Kirk about how he “feels” about his relationship with the Captain of the USS Enterprise.

Geek wisdom: It’s basic to cherish her friends once you’re with them all the time. But what around the time once you don’t fulfill up v them every day? The sad part of this is friendships have the right to fade away, no issue how plenty of times you examine their status post on Facebook.

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Still, even if this does happen, you will always be their friend. As soon as you watch each various other after eras of gift apart, it’s straightforward to rekindle the friendship. All it takes is the one time.


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Most of my childhood (and adult life) was invested doing a lot of geeky stuff: city hall TV, playing video clip games and also going to the movies. Come some, that may have been a garbage of time. Well, come me, it has made me what ns am today... A geeky adult.I actually compose for a pair of blogs, namely:geekwisdom.wordpress.com3rdworldgeeks.comgamemoir.comPlease inspect them out!View all posts by Victor de la Cruz

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