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EXT. LOU'S TAVERN - NIGHTA little building, sitting squarely in the middle of a large concrete parking lot. A couple of street lamps illuminate the lot. A freeway runs nearby.INT. LOU'S TAVERN - SAMEJack and Tyler sit in ~ a table in the an extremely back of the room. Ahalf-empty pitcher of beer shows dried foam scum indigenous the vault refill.Five DRUNKEN guys at a table in ~ the opposite side of the bar keep glancing over and chuckling in a possibly hostile manner.TYLER: girlfriend buy furniture. Girlfriend tell yourself, this is the last sofa you'll ever before need in her life; no matter what rather goes wrong, you've obtained the sofa worry handled. Climate the right collection of dishes. Climate the appropriate bed. The drapes. The rug. This is exactly how you're great to yourself. This is just how you fill up her life.JACK: ns ... Assumption: v so.TYLER: and also now your condo blows up and also you have actually nothing.JACK: i ... Assumption: v so.TYLER: and also now you discover yourself, sitting here, feeling favor it's the finest thing that ever happened come you.JACK: ... Yeah.TYLER: ns don't understand you, so maybe I'm wrong. Possibly it's a disastrous fucking tragedy.JACK: ... No.
TYLER: ns mean, you lost a most nice, perfect, neat tiny shit.JACK: Fuck the all.TYLER: Wow. That's quite strong.JACK: ... Yeah.TYLER: perform you have family you have the right to call?JACK: My mommy would just get in hysterics. Mine Dad ... Don't understand where he is. Just knew him for 6 years. Then, the ran turn off to a brand-new city and married one more woman and also had much more kids. Every 6 years -- brand-new city, new family. That was setting up franchises.Tyler smiles, snorts, shakes his head.TYLER: A generation of males raised by women. Look what it's done to you.JACK: to me?TYLER: We're top top our 3rd pitcher that beer and you still can't ask me.JACK: Huh?TYLER: Why don't you reduced the shit and also ask me if you can stay in ~ my place?JACK: well ... Uh ...

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TYLER: Why don't you reduced the shit and also ask me if you have the right to stay in ~ my place?JACK: would certainly that it is in a problem?TYLER: Is it a problem for you come ask me?JACK: have the right to I remain at her place?TYLER: Yeah.JACK: Thanks.TYLER: -- If you perform me one favor.JACK: What's that?TYLER: I want you come hit me as difficult as you can.*FREEZE PICTURE*