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"Crew" is a tune by American hip hop recording artist GoldLink. It was released on December 16, 2016, as the lead solitary from his debut studio album, at What expense (2017). The song, developed by Teddy Walton, attributes vocals from American singer Brent Faiyaz and also American rapper shy Glizzy. The song received a nomination for finest Rap/Sung performance at the 60th annual Grammy Awards. The contains additional background vocals indigenous Zacari.

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She check out money all roughly meI look choose I"m the man, yeahBut ns was down and also out choose last weekTell me where have you been?You come out that hiding, girlDon"t act prefer I"m her manYou simply a fan, you don"t organize rankDon"t hold no rankDirty ass, Maryland ass niggaWith a ailing ass mouth and a slick ass flow, uhGot her bitch around me, nigga, ain"t no playin"When I"m comin" because that the kitty, I"m a fool, goddamnDo it because that my niggas top top the shore right thereDo it because that my niggas in the Ghost ideal nowNiggas got killed because that the boy living dreams in the hillsAnd they watchin" because that the boy ideal nowGoddamn, what a time, what a year, uhWe are what castle young guys fearI kill, never been killed, that"s real, no liesYou can tell the from ours peers ideal nowBet friend wanna f*ck me now, uhBet girlfriend wanna love me down, uhGirl, girlfriend can"t tie me down like Ray J saidBut understand I"m downFreaky Deaky present me somethingShake it like you owe me somethingPushin" top top the pussy prefer a buttonCame four times, fifth time you gushin"Still gettin" rowdy in the functionBitches ~ above my dick like it"s nothingEverywhere i go now, constantly got shit bumpin", jumpin", bumpin", jumpin", yeahHey, nice to meet, I"m Young Jefe, who you be?Got my item in Southeast, acquired her clappin" come this beatShe invite me to she crib, i walk in she see my heatShe stated "But ns live in the hills" bitch, that"s just the method I sleepStop that madness, I"m a savageIn traffic through MAC 11"sBaddest bitch and she SpanishI fly her to CalabasasWe gain nasty, I"m she daddyShe understand a nigga ain"t averageAin"t nothing wrong with fake assesBitch, turn approximately let"s make magicI"m geekin", uh what I"m top top itDon"t look at me favor you desire itTell "em that we ain"t stuntin"In 4th down we ain"t puntin" itKing of ar of ColumbiaCan"t come here without a permitThis shit really a jungle, gorillas and anacondasShe watch money all approximately me (hey, hey, hey)I look favor I"m the man, yeah (Young Jefe holmes)But i was down and also out prefer last weekTell me where have you been?You come out of hiding, girlDon"t act choose I"m your manYou just a fan, friend don"t hold rankDon"t hold no rank

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GoldLink D"Anthony Carlos (born may 17, 1993) much better known by his stage name GoldLink, is an American rapper. In 2014, he released his debut mixtape, The God Complex, which received an essential acclaim. In June 2015, that was chosen as part of the XXL student in the first year Class. In October 2015, GoldLink released his 2nd mixtape, and After That, us Didn"t Talk, which was sustained by the singles, "Dance ~ above Me" and also "Spectrum". His debut studio album, in ~ What Cost, was released on march 24, 2017, to confident reviews. The album"s lead single, "Crew", has peaked in ~ number 45 ~ above the us Billboard warm 100 chart, as well as earned him a Grammy nomination. Much more »

Written by: Christopher B. Wood, D"Anthony Carlos, Marquis King, Travis Darelle Walton