Édouard Manet (French, 1832–1883) flower in a crystal Vase, ca. 1882, oil ~ above canvas, 127/8 × 95/8 in. National Galleryof Art, Washington, D.C., Ailsa Mellon BruceCollection,1970.17.37

“I must have actually flowers, always, and also always.”Claude Monet

“A flower blossoms because that its own joy.” Oscar Wilde

 “The planet laughs in flowers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Flowers constantly make world better, happier, and an ext helpful; they room sunshine, food, and medicine come the mind.” Luther Burbank

“In happiness or sore flowers are our constant friends.” Okakura Kakuzō

Flowers room beautiful, yes. But due to the fact that these fragile masterpieces of petal and also leaf, stamen and stem additionally evoke such profound emotion, lock have provided infinite catalyst for painters, poets, writers, and also musicians because that centuries.

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However, friend don’t have to be a great painter or poet for botanical beauty to have an affect on you! to celebrate Van Gogh, Manet, and Matisse: The art of the Flower, which runs with June 21, we freshly asked you come share what flowers median to friend on Facebook. Together expected, her responses were as distinct as flowers themselves.

Here is what girlfriend told us:

They have great impact:

“How can you refuse there is a God as soon as you view the beauty of a flower?”

“Nature gifts us with flowers so we are reminded to cherish our mother Earth.”

“They are an ignition for the senses, a true treasure to behold.”

“Flowers space beauty and nature colliding in the good outdoors!”

They remind memories:

“Lilies the the valley typical my grandmother. Lilacs typical my childhood home. Snapdragons typical my mummy garden. Roses typical my daughter’s recitals. Flowers are expressions that love and beautiful memories.”

They are mood changers:

“Flower shapes, colors, textures, and smells provoke together feeling and also mood. . . . I always marvel at your perfection. No issue if they are a dandelion or a rose, they are wonderful.”

“Vibrant colors and also smells have the right to life ours spirits when we room low. Flower are one of nature’s masterpieces to enjoy. Sheer joy.”

So today, once you come ~ above a flower, whether growing in a garden, cut and bundled in a bathtub of water at the market, or in ~ The arts of the Flower, take in its beauty, but likewise let that bewitching blossom work-related its magic on you. Her day will be far better for it.

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