My Husband no Love Me

Or does he? Here’s what’s yes, really going on…

When her husband actually says the words, “I don’t love you,” the hurt comes in waves.

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First, yes sir shock and bewilderment.

Your psychic races through questions. How did this happen? exactly how long has he felt this way?

Then yes terror. What does this median for our future? for our marriage? because that our kids?

Then there’s deep, deep hurt.

He no love you. Go it average you’re unlovable?

Making that enormous pain protect against becomes your imperative.

You feeling the urge to protect yourself v aloofness or insults. The just human being nature.

Flinging some hurtful arrows his method seems not only justified, yet necessary.


Hi! I’m Laura.

I was the perfect wife–until ns actually got married. As soon as I tried come tell mine husband just how to be much more romantic, much more ambitious, and also tidier, the avoided me. Ns dragged the to marital relationship counseling and virtually divorced him. I then began talking to ladies who had what I want in your marriages and also that’s when I got my miracle. The male who wooed me returned.

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I created a few books about what ns learned and accidentally started a worldwide movement of ladies who practice The 6 Intimacy Skills™ the lead to having amazing, vibrant relationships. The point I’m most proud of is mine playful, passionate partnership with mine hilarious husband John–who has actually been dressing himself due to the fact that before i was born.