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The lab Monument

CyHi The Prynce, Young Thug, Bodega Bamz, SL Jones, Heems, Remy Banks, Two-9, Bryant Dope, Scotty ATL, Bobby Creekwater, Da$h, walk Dreamer, Yak Ballz, Zebra Katz, Mike G, Del Harris, Renegade El Rey, Alexander Spit, Pill, Nigel Nasty, A$ton Matthews, Raekwon, Prodigy, Killer Mike, Pusha T, Vado, Nipsey Hussle, YG, Problem, Danny Brown, Meyhem Lauren, action Bronson, Kilo Kish, Rockie Fresh, Flatbush Zombies, RetcH

fuckin\" beefin\"I require a pie and also pizza just to meet up because that a fuckin\" featureMan they don\"t wanna see a Happier than

provide by any means to be(I wanna be the reason you smile)We excellent been with ups and also downs, had actually drama for a whileI\"m just happy I\"m about to be

should allow go currently (Be Free)I wanna see you SmileSmile Again, Smile AgainI just wanna see you Smile(I wanna see you smile, I just wanna see you Smile

wanna make you smileI want you by my side, till us see the sun riseSo please remember, I just wanna do you, I just wanna do you smileI just wanna

me wanna go back to the city and tell the homies what I learnedThe word to be respectJust due to the fact that you wore a different gang color than mine\"s

(oh no, oh no)I\"ll never leaveJust save lovin\" me the means I love you lovin\" me (lovin\" me)Every time I see your confront my love smiles (every time

(oh no, five no)I\"ll never leaveJust save lovin\" me the method I love you lovin\" me (lovin\" me)Every time I see your challenge my love smiles (every time

seeTold my niggas \"I need you\"Through all the fame you understand I continue to be truePray my niggas stay freeMade a couple of mistakes however this ain\"t where I wanna

kinda bored, babyAt first, when I see you cry- Yea it provides me smile.Yea it renders me smile. At worst I feel poor for a while, yet then I just

fuck my carBut bitch that the posesthe you think you are, by farThey ain\"t tripping top top me, castle wanna fuck mine carAy C store yo\" eyes open for

her clothesUp and also downWhenever I\"m not around, and also you feelin\" downLet the assumed of me beBe the reason you smileI don\"t wanna see you frown,

you can’t, you ain’t no various then usYou just gotta feel free, and also don’t be givin\" the upEven thru the difficult times, us still stop to smile

my niggasTell em Free mine niggasWhen you locked increase in a box the only friend you haveIs a pen and a padHard come see mine niggasI done remained in there

in trying?I require a signAnd the hurtsTell me what you wanna seeIs it sitting by the beach while you feel the sunlight gleam?Is it something that a dream?

fell in loveDon\"t issue to me if it\"s a him or herI just wanna see you smile through all the hateMarie Antoinette, baby, permit \"em eat cakeBad

a mirror you want, just look right into my eyesOr a whipping boy, someone to despiseOr a prisoner in the darkTied up in chains you just can\"t seeOr a beast

such a good timeI\"m having a ball(Don\"t prevent me now)If you wanna have actually a great time just offer me a call(Don\"t stop me now)\"Cause I\"m having actually a great

wondersMaybe you have the right to do somethingI can\"tSo don\"t stop doing itDon\"t avoid doing itBaby, you can do wonders ...

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Just a notionJust a id -

in mine mama yard, sittin\" ~ above E\"sI\"m bout this fee, I\"m bout this feeJust know what\"s freeYou to be born v a silver spoon in her mouth so don\"t

expensive, tempt womenYou wanna search my pockets, and act all wildSay I hurt her hear, asking how can I smile?Wanna call earlier all my numbers, star 6-9

is the startMom nah my mommy trust mine momSo where execute we go when we dieSo where execute you see yourself in ten yearsMy number one score isI just wanna see

a winter you want, just look right into my eyesOr a whipping boy, someone to despiseOr a prisoner in the darkTied up in chain you just can\"t seeOr a beast

in my mama yard, sittin\" ~ above E\"sI\"m bout this fee, I\"m bout this feeJust recognize what\"s freeYou were born v a silver spoon in your mouth therefore don\"t

to posesthe then get the fuck up out the truckYou know what I mean? I ain\"t showin the end VoguesJust so this hoes have the right to be seen, c\"mon you wanna crap or cut?
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