What"s a Bee?

Bee, or honeybee, is the word many people use come describe any kind of flying insect that has wings and a stinger. However honeybees room really only one of a group of insects that includes other bees, wasps, and also ants.

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Bees are fuzzy insects that feed ~ above flowers. There space thousands the different species of bees worldwide, and also they deserve to be plenty of different colors. The most familiar kind of punishment is the honeybee. These bees construct nests the end of wax in old trees and also manmade hives (like the ones the beekeepers take care of) and spend a many their time collecting nectar and also pollen native flowers. Climate they turn the nectar right into honey because that food.

Wasps are very closely related to bees, however instead of only feeding on pollen and honey, wasps eat animal food, other insects, or spiders. They are not fuzzy favor bees, however seem sort of smooth and also shiny, and they have skinnier bodies. There are additionally thousands that different types of wasps in the world. Two common varieties of wasps space bald-faced hornets and yellowjackets:

Bald-faced hornets space black with white markings, and they construct papery colonies shaped like footballs in trees and also shrubs. Yellowjackets have actually yellow and also black stripes on your bodies and also are smaller than hornets and honeybees. They do their nests in the ground or in old tree stumps.

Ants are tiny insects that deserve to be brown, black, or red. Some have wings and others don"t. Some ants can sting, prefer the fire ant. Fire ants are tiny and also reddish-brown and also live in nests under the ground.

What a Sting Looks and also Feels Like

Honeybees, wasps, hornets, fire ants, and also yellowjackets may look different and have different homes, yet they all sting as soon as they room upset! If a person is i stabbed it by any of these insects, the sting will certainly feel a lot like a shot at the doctor"s office.

The site of the sting will certainly feel hot and it may itch. A red bump surrounding by white skin will develop roughly the sting, except for the sting the the fire ant, i m sorry turns into an itchy blister.

Wasps and also many bees can sting an ext than once because they are able to pull the end their stinger without injuring themselves. Just honeybees have actually special hooks on their stinger that keep the stinger in the skin after ~ a human is stung. The stinger it s okay torn the end of the bee"s body together it make the efforts to paris away. As a result, the honeybee dies after stinging.


What You have to Do

If you think you have actually been i stabbed it by one of these insects, tell one adult immediately. Some world are allergic to stings from insects. The symptom of an allergy reaction incorporate hives (red job on the skin that sting and itch), nausea, dizziness, a tight feeling in the throat, or challenge breathing. A person who has these symptoms needs clinical attention right away.

But usually, you have the right to follow these procedures after acquiring stung:

have actually an adult help you eliminate the stinger, if one is left behind after a honeybee sting. (It doesn"t really matter exactly how it"s removed. What is essential is that it"s gotten rid of as quickly as possible.) to wash the area through soap and also water. Apply some ice to the area. Asking your mommy or dad because that a pains reliever.

What a medical professional Will Do

Call the physician if you or your parent are worried around the redness, swelling, or itching. Sometimes, the physician will suggest giving a medicine dubbed an antihistamine to manage these symptoms.

If someone has an allergy reaction to a punishment sting, a doctor must automatically give a shot the fights the reaction. Civilization who recognize that they are allergic to bee stings additionally sometimes bring emergency medication that castle can provide to us to prevent a significant reaction indigenous happening.

How come Avoid getting Stung

If you recognize you space allergic to bees or other insects, you"ll want to take it extra measures to avoid acquiring bitten or stung. You might want to avoid places where they invest time, like gardens or orchards in bloom.

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No one likes to obtain stung, so here"s part advice because that everyone:

Wear pair of shoes outdoors. Don"t annoy hives or insect nests. Don"t wear sweet-smelling perfume, lotions, or hair products. Stop bright-colored or flower-printed clothing. Sheathe food when eating outdoors. Be mindful when external with open soda cans since yellowjackets like to climb inside for a sip. Watch out for garbage cans since they attract bees and yellowjackets.

If a punishment or honest suit flies about you, stay calm and also don"t swat at it. If you obtain stung, call an adult and also go indoors right away.