i hate every one of you - SquidwardCross Stitch Pattern39 coloursGrid dimension : 250 X 1982 PDFs come download1st PDF includes:Cover page12 page full colour patternSymbol and also colour keyStitch countDMC codesAida dimension guide2nd PDF includes:12 web page black and also white prize patternSymbol and colour keyDMC codesApproximate size ( in inches)When utilizing Aida cloth:Count 11: 22.7 x 18.1 counting 12: 20.8 x 16.6Count 14: 17.8 x 14.2Count 16: 15.6 x 12.5

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Wow, what a piece! ns am a beginning of the person at cross stitching, and I really have actually my work reduced out because that me! but I am yes, really enjoying myself and also it is coming along great!

Wow, what a piece! i am a starting person at cross stitching, and also I really have actually my work cut out because that me! however I am really enjoying myself and it is coming along great!
I obtained my article downloaded and also picked up every the thread for it. Waiting for custom fabric to arrive, will post pictures once it's started!

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If you choose the dorn pattern, or that wasn't what you expected, I will gladly job-related with you until we gain it right.