Many civilization spell these 2 phrases wrong, or they"re no sure exactly how to order them, or don"t know the differences between them. What around you?

Which sentences are digitalrecordersreview.orgrrect?a. Ns hada lots offun yesterday.b. I hadalot offun yesterday.c. Ns hada lot offun yesterday.d. I hadlots offun yesterday.

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Watch the video below and/or check out on and learn all around the pronunciation, and also differences between these phrases.

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a lot ofandlots ofare two really useful, usual phrases.(We never assignment thema lots of, alot ofx.

Answers digitalrecordersreview.orgme the practice above: c. And d. Space digitalrecordersreview.orgrrect.

a many of(3 separate words) andlots of,(two separate words) median the very same thing, and we usage them before nouns to median ‘a large number or quantity of".

a lot ofis slightly much more formal thanlots of, but we don"t usage them in academic and business writing - see keep in mind from Oxford thesaurus below*

Rememberalotof=three separation, personal, instance wordslotsof= twoindividual words

We never ever write "alotof"or "a lots of".I"ve gota lot ofshopping.I"ve gotlots ofshopping.There area lot ofpeople.There arelots ofpeople.He digitalrecordersreview.orgnstantly eats a lot of food.He always eats lots the food.

First, we"ll look in ~ "a lot of of".Alotofis 3 individual words.

Pronunciationcan digitalrecordersreview.orgnfuse human being with the assignment of it.

1. We have the emphasize "a lot of"2. Or unstressed "a lottuv" - the "t" join the "o" to do "tuv" "a lottuv"3. Or even more unstressed "a lotta"

1. We hada lot offun.2. We had "a lottuv" fun. (used in speaking only)3. We had actually "a lotta" fun. (speaking, and used in some an extremely informal writing)

1. It"sa lot ofmoney.2. It"s "a lottuv" money.3. It"s "a lotta" money.

Or even an ext unstressed in some dialects favor Liverpool "a lora" money.

It doesn"t matter just how you express it, every dialects and also how us saya lot of ofis valid, yet there"s just one means to spell it -a many of.

Let"s look at atlots of.It"s 2 words "lots of" and also is much more informal, digitalrecordersreview.orgnversational.

The together is like "a lot of of" with various unstressed forms.1. We have the emphasize "lots of"2. Unpled - the "s" joins the "o" "lotsuv"3. Or even more unstressed "lotsa". The Oxford thesaurus has this an extremely informal version on that is website - "He"s acquired lotsa money."

So remember that doesn"t matter how you say it yet make certain you create it aslots of


Exercise 1. I beg your pardon sentences are digitalrecordersreview.orgrrect?

1. Lots of human being loved the show.

2. There to be alot of actors in the cast.

3. They take it a lotta abuse native the crowd.

4. There"s been a many rain this year.

5. There appears to be fairly a lots of new shops opening.

6. Sit below - there"s numerous room.

Exercise 2. What around these sentences?a. There were lots of people at the partyb. There were alots of civilization at the partyc. There were a lots of people at the party

*A rapid note abouta many ofandlots offrom the Oxford Dictionary:A lot of ofandlots ofare really digitalrecordersreview.orgmmon in speech and also writing yet they tho have casual feel and are generally not thought about acceptable because that formal, business, academic English, where options such asmanyora big number,a good deal ofare provided instead

Thanks for analysis this.

Keep passionate around your spelling and writing.


Exercise 1. Answers.

1. Lots of people loved the show.

4. There"s been a the majority of rain this year.

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6. Sit right here - there"s several room.

Exercise 2. Did girlfriend choosea? a. There were lots of world at the party. Two different words - "lots of"