I will certainly be travel to Mexico following month, and I want to have the ability to tell civilization that I carry out not speak digitalrecordersreview.org really well. I carry out speak part digitalrecordersreview.org, yet only what I\"ve been able come teach myself in the last year or so.

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Would saying no hablo español muy bien, convey that I just speak a tiny digitalrecordersreview.org? Or would certainly there be a expression that far better illustrates that my digitalrecordersreview.org is bad, there is no making them think the they cannot speak to me in digitalrecordersreview.org in ~ all.




No hablo español muy bien

conveys perfect the message. Friend could also use

Mi español es todavía un poco limitado

to express that you tho haven\"t mastered every the complexity of verb tense in digitalrecordersreview.org, are still building your vocabulary and also maybe, because you space self-taught, your conversation skills.


I always say \"Hablo muy poquito Espanol\" come let people know ns speak very little digitalrecordersreview.org and also they it seems to be ~ to know perfectly. If you deserve to speak a fair amount girlfriend can change \"poquito\" come \"poco\". Great luck!


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