"I Didn"t acquire No Sleep "Cause that Ya"ll" is a memorable catchphrase uttered by American reality TV personality Tanisha cutting board in an episode from the 2nd season of Oxygen"s truth TV present Bad girl Club. Mainly because of the comically sing-songy way in i m sorry she it is provided the line, Tanisha"s quote has inspired a range of audio-dubbed parodies and also re-enactments top top the video-sharing website Vine.

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Bad girls Club, one American reality TV display that adheres to the resides of seven aggressive and also quarrelsome ladies living in a luxurious mansion for 3 months, premiered ~ above Oxygen ~ above December 5th, 2006.<1> In the Season 2, episode 30 title "Prank Wars part 3: Phat Lady," aired ~ above January 29th, 2008, among the newly casted members that the show Tanisha thomas starts a according to ruckus in the house after acquiring fed up v housemates, Jennavicia, Cordelia and Darlen, who had actually invited masculine guests and kept her awake the ahead night (shown below).

When the housemates refuse to clean up your mess after the party, Tanisha take away a collection of baking pans and also proceeds to stomp about the house. Banging the pans together, she yells to "GET THE HELL UP!" and "CLEAN THE FUCKING HOUSE!" v the occasional "I"M exhausted OF THIS SHIT!" After formerly waking up a crashing member top top the life room couch through "LET ME hear YOU to speak BWOMP BWOMP!", she provides her means down the brightly-patterned hall to the open up bedroom doors, causing the iconic shot of her screaming a weird rhythmic, sing-songy "I DIDN"T get NO FUCKING SLEEP "CAUSE of Y"ALL! YA"LL not GONNA acquire NO SLEEP "CAUSE the ME!" whilst banging the pans.


Shortly after the broadcast of the episode, Tanisha and her freakout ended up being something of a talking suggest within the truth TV entertainment blogosphere, while the Oxygen channel itself complied with up through unveiling a remix variation of Tanisha"s rant in a commercial<3> for the TV program. Top top February 8th, 2008, the earliest well-known screen-recorded clip of the original scene to be uploaded by YouTuber UNiQUEE08,<2> complied with by a higher-resolution copy of the actual step (shown below) on march 23rd, which has actually garnered more than 231,000 views as of July 2015.

In the following years, several duplicate execution of Oxygen"s promotion remix video and GIFs from the scene began circulating about a few discussion forums, largely as an inside joke amongst the pan of the show; however, the quote didn"t prosper into a full-fledged parody meme till its come on Vine in April 2015.

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On Vine

In early on 2014, the scene started to prosper traction together a popular source material within the Vine remixing and mashup community, with numerous participants overlaying a wide selection of alternative background songs end Tanisha"s monologue in the initial scene. On April 24th, Viner PagonPigeon<6> submitted a quick clip indigenous the remix video, despite it didn"t obtain its breakout moment until may 31st, 2015, when one more take that the same video was uploaded come the Vine channel reality TV Clips<7> (shown below, right). In ~ the very first month, the clip garnered an ext than 7 million views and also 7,250 comments.