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The Muffin Song, likewise know together Muffin Time, is a tune by YouTuber and asdfmovie collection creator cutting board "TomSka" Ridgewell. In 2018, the song obtained popularity top top TikTok and also later showed up in picture remixes on Instagram and YouTube.


2014 Version

On October 25th, 2013, YouTuber TomSka post the 7th installation of asdfmovie animated series (shown below, left). In among the sketches featured in the video, a talking muffin expressed its desire to dice by gift consumed. The video clip was watched over 32 million times end 5 years.

On October 10th, 2014, TomSka posted the 8th part of the series, in which the muffin exclaims "It"s muffin time!" and also requests come be killed (shown below, right). The video clip gained over 30 million see within a 4-year period.

On November 4th, 2014, YouTuber RoomieOfficial post a music remix "It"s Muffin Time!" based on the TomSka"s video. The video (shown below, left) to be watched end 27 million time within 4 years. ~ above July 31st, 2015, YouTuber Maxie supplied the remix in an animated video clip that got over 8,5 million views within 3,5 year (shown below, right).

2018 Version

On might 11th, 2018, TomSka posted a music video clip titled "THE MUFFIN tune (asdfmovie feat. Schmoyoho)". In the video, an humanlike muffin performs a please song around his desire to die. The video clip gained over 61 million views end a 7-month period.

Haaaaa, ns a muffinAnd the muffin timeWho desires a muffin?Please, I just wanna die

TikTok Popularity

In mid-October 2018 tiktok creator
anne_b_official<1> uploaded a now-deleted video clip of herself dubbing end The Muffin Song. ~ above October 27th, YouTuber ThisISclickBAIT re-renewed again the video clip (shown below, left). Top top the very same day, YouTube user BomMosVok uploaded a compilation of
stevenmckell<2> uploaded his own version that the dub. The short article gained more than 151,700 likes within a two-month period.

The videos uploaded by
stevenmckell ended up being popular choices for ironic duets among TikTok users. In November 2018, number of such compilations to be posted ~ above YouTube.

In November 2018, the song started seeing usage in video clip remixes top top Instagram and YouTube. For example, top top November 22nd, Instagram user xxmuffintime edited The Muffin song over a record of rapper 6ix9ine to dance (shown below, left). The post gained much more than 1,000 likes within a month. Top top November 23rd, Instagram user spongebill_memes used the tune in a meme remix (shown below, right).

On November 25th, 2018, YouTuber a vine post a compilation that The Muffin song memes.

I small You a Pie

In November 2018, tik user Jayden Croes (
gilmhercroes) sang currently from another asdfmovie video over The Muffin tune melody. Following a tide of negative feedback, Croes turned off the video after 16 hours of it being posted. On November 22rd, 2018, YouTube user unfunny re-renewed again the video.

Similar come its predecessor, the song came to be a popular selection for ironic duets.

i Baked friend a Pie remake

On march 12th, 2020, TikTok<4> user Jayden Croes (
jaydencroes) uploaded the remake of his November 2018 video. The video received over 26 million views and also 3.8 million likes in five days (shown below, left). On march 15th, 2020,
jaydencroes<5> made a write-up explaining his and also his brother"s an ideas behind the remake, v the short article gaining over 8.6 million views and also 1.1 million likes in 2 days (shown below, right).

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In the adhering to days, the remake was extensively circulated online with reuploads on YouTube,<6> iFunny<7> and other platforms.