Season 2 illustration 8 - ns am...Under skepticism

When Frankie and also Andrew are knocked unconscious, the rest of the gang should work to revive them in time and escape from the WARPA agents; the Gaines family meets Cynthia and prepares for Sigourney"s pilgrimage to space. Air date : 17th-Sep-2018

Season 2 episode 1 - i am...Eliza part 1

Part 1 the 2. While Frankie and Cole hide the end from WARPA, Eliza holds the Gaines household hostage. Frankie then ultimately comes face-to-face through Eliza and attempts to defeat her in stimulate to save her family. Air date : 11th-Aug-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 2 - i am...Eliza part 2

Frankie ultimately comes challenge to challenge with Eliza. Air date : 11th-Aug-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 3 - ns am...Planning an escape

Frankie is figured out to rescue Andrew, and also the gang transforms to Tammy for help; Andrew pays the price for refusing come cooperate v WARPA; two brand-new students begin at Sepulveda High. Air date : 10th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 4 - ns am...Taking a break

Frankie, Dayton and Cole are at a loss as soon as they establish their arrangement to cost-free Andrew has actually a fatal flaw; Andrew attempts to escape. Air day : 11th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 5 - ns am...Buggin

Andrew"s new roommate is one android called Simone; Frankie, Dayton and Cole test the end the robo-roaches at Sepulveda High; Zane announces auditions for the brand-new school play. Air day : 12th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 6 - i am...Compromised

Andrew and also Simone an episode of their cell while Frankie, Dayton and Cole come up through a risky plan to rescue Andrew; Tammy continues to action strangely; Frankie discovers that WARPA has actually planted a chip in Tammy"s neck. Air day : 13th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 7 - i am...Busting out

Frankie, Dayton and also Cole break into WARPA, only to discover that Andrew is missing. Air date : 14th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 8 - ns am...Under apprehension

When Frankie and Andrew space knocked unconscious, the remainder of the gang should work to revive them in time and escape native the WARPA agents; the Gaines family members meets Cynthia and prepares because that Sigourney"s pilgrimage to space. Air date : 17th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 9 - i am...Not Myself

Simone adjusts to high school; Frankie and Dayton shot to cost-free Tammy native WARPA"s control. Air day : 18th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 10 - ns am...Next

Andrew auditions because that the school play and also surprises everyone v his exceptional voice, yet James has a bigger surprised in store that intimidates to change Andrew and Sepulveda High forever. Air day : 19th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 11 - i am...a creature

A brand-new installation messes v Frankie"s programming and changes her behavior; a new club at school proves that not everyone wants androids in ~ Sepulveda High. Air date : 20th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 12 - i Android

Tammy tries to take regulate after Andrew is required to safeguard himself versus NAH; Frankie renders a shocking announcement. Air day : 21st-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 13 - ns am...Frankensteena

Cole learns that Frankie and Andrew will share a kiss during the college play; James discovers something an extremely surprising around Simone. Air day : 24th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 14 - ns am...Part of a arrangement

With Rachel"s help, Frankie and also Dayton uncover more about WARPA"s grasp plan; Cole and also Andrew obtain into a fight; Simone glitches out. Air date : 25th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 15 - i trouble With mother

With Simone"s memory wiped, the others have to keep she android identification under wraps; Frankie faces a difficulty when Sigourney finds out about the anti-android team at Sepulveda High. Air date : 26th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 16 - i Android...or to be I?

Will and also Jenny do everything they have the right to to obey Sigourney"s orders to defend Frankie, but when Frankie stops working Tammy"s android test, she and Dayton must find a means to keep Frankie"s secret. Air date : 27th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 17 - i am...Jealous

Rachel is figured out to win the final level the the game, but Frankie and also Dayton worry they are placing her in danger; Simone trust she has actually a crush on Cole, which leader Frankie to feeling jealousy because that the an initial time. Air date : 28th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 18 - i need of a arrangement

Frankie and Dayton make a shocking discovery and must work to uncover the truth. Tammy make the efforts to recruit Rachel and Andrew because that the mind Squad vs. Teachers match. And Frankie states goodbye come Cole. Air date : 1st-Oct-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 19 - i am...a Puppet ~ above a wire

When Frankie starts missing Cole, Dayton argues they do a care package to send him. In ~ WARPA, Cole and Kingston effort to call Dayton because that help. And James make the efforts to exploit Andrew"s abilities on TV. Air date : 2nd-Oct-2018Read More

Season 2 episode 20 - i am...Out of choices

Frankie is faced with an impossible choice and agrees to offer WARPA what they want. Dayton, Will and also Jenny shot to devise a arrangement to conserve Sigourney and help Frankie rescue Cole. Air day : 3rd-Oct-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 21 - i am...Being Blackmailed

Frankie ultimately learns the truth about what WARPA has planned because that Cole; when Dayton, Will and also Jenny try to to convince James come help, Rachel describes WARPA to Zane. Air date : 4th-Oct-2018Read More

Season 2 illustration 22 - ns am...Changed

While Frankie is prepped to occupational on Cole, Rachel provides Jenny"s app to manage Beto at WARPA; Andrew, Simone and Kingston team up to escape and save the others; Frankie and Cole re-publishing a special moment. Air date : 4th-Oct-2018Read More



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