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River see walking distance from Liberty Bell

Overlooking the Delaware River with views throughout to new Jersey, our hotel is less than a mile indigenous Liberty Bell, the Museum of the American Revolution, and also Benjamin Franklin Museum. We’re nearby to Spruce Street port Park and culture Hill is under a mile away. Our at home pool has actually views the the river, and we likewise have a sauna, and waterfront dining.

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Enjoy waterfront dining with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and also sustainable seafood in ~ Keating’s Rope & Anchor Bar + Kitchen. In the lobby, exclusive right Café offer Starbucks coffee and pastries. Personal dining and also room organization are additionally available.



A dues of approximately $300 USD will be assessed for smoking in a non-smoking room. You re welcome ask the Front workdesk for places of designated outdoor smoking cigarettes areas.


Cancellation policies might vary depending upon the rate and also dates of your reservation. Please describe your preventive confirmation to verify her cancellation policy. If you need further assistance, call the hotel straight or call customer service. Alternatively, you have the right to cancel your reservation online.

Face Coverings

We ask that you follow all neighborhood guidelines and also laws through respect come practicing society distancing and wearing a mask in public areas. Please examine with neighborhood public health and also government authorities about guidelines or needs that might be in place for the location of her stay.

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Housekeeping: Tailored To her Comfort

Stayover housekeeping business is free and obtainable upon request during your stay. Simply contact the front desk at any type of time to request extra towels and amenities or come schedule a room cleaning. For remains of 4 (4) nights or more, us will provide full clean every 4th night/fifth day for every guests.