Hy-Tech thermal Solutions

We are a NASA research study Partner, produces power saving insulating paints, coatings, and an insulating additive for use with any form of paint that will minimize your heating and also cooling bills.

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Mark AllenFlexCool Insulating Systems, Ellensburg, WA.

You have actually a winner! critical year my agency started to use Hy-Tech ceramics andBus-kote on refrigerated trailers. We have been to run tests on your productfor close come a year to watch if what you claim is true. Well, no only have yourproducts done what friend say, they have gone well beyond my and my customersexpectations! A little example for anyone reasoning of using Hy-Tech products.This spring we applied Buskote come a 53.5 ft refer trailer for a client. Thatsame afternoon us tested it versus a brand-new trailer setting dead beside the onewith the Hy-Tech coating. He and also I go not think the difference between thetrailers (14 degrees!) and decided to run additional tests. The outcomes are thetreated unit continued to be on average 13.3 levels cooler
83 levels ambienttemperature, his refer units ran 16.8% much less time every cycle and 19.2% less cycleswhen loaded and on the road. Wow, in fuel costs alone that application was paidfor in no time. The palliation in "lost load" claims and less tension on equipmentcannot also be measured. I am impressed. Due to the fact that these check we have actually tried threeother brand of "ceramic insulators" come compare and they walk not also come closeyou your product. We will be making use of HY-TECH exclusively from currently on. Thanks forthe good product!

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Kindest RegardsTW, (Your truest believer)

True Believer! ns bought her # 12 box additive last year and also it had been sittingin my shed. (I"m old, and also worn out.) yet decided that we had to execute somethingbecause that the expense of fuel. So my husband and also I put our boots top top ... The mixedand i painted ours mobile residence roof ... 16X80. We placed 2 coats ~ above in 2 days. Itis whatever you say it is and more. We room so impressed that we are going tofinish the whole house in that and, our sheds. We have one outdoor kitty thatresides in one of the sheds and also this will aid keep that cool this summer. Welive in the southern component of Arkansas and also it is hot and also humid and also have alreadyweathered two pretty nasty storms due to the fact that the application. I might hardly believehow quiet the roof was. This paint has actually stabilized the inside temperature for this reason muchthat I want to kiss the inventor! It has only been two weeks ... Yet ourkilowatt consumption has gone from 80 watts per day to 51.

Mary JeffreyOwings Mills, MD

Hot Boiler pipe Temp lessened 45%! This is our second order. I want to view howeffective Hy-Tech insulating ceramics were so I put it on my boiler pipes andgenerated the heat to it"s complete capacity. The temperature top top the exterior of thepipes was lessened by 45% with 4 coats of paint. Needless come say, ns am goingto usage Hy-Tech insulating additive on mine exterior walls and also interior ceilings,the reduction rate has decreased the boiler operation time native a 2 hour length of time, down to 20 minutes. I extremely recommend your product.