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Extra day-to-day Login Rewards

Earn 15 Hongmoon Coins once per day, and extra time-based Login Rewards.



Daily Premium Cache

One daily Premium Cache can be purchase in the keep for 30 NCoin / Hongmoon Coin once per day.


Extra Hongmoon Coins from undertaking Tokens

100% rise to Hongmoon Coins once combining endeavor Tokens.


Increased Gold, XP and also Currencies

Earn 30% extra gold, XP, Zen Beans, fight Points, and Celestial Peaches from combat, daily Quests, and Dynamic Quests.

Reduced Fees

30% discount ~ above Weapon Evolution and Breakthrough fees, 25% discount ~ above Marketplace fees, and 100% discount (free) top top Weapon Glamour fees.

Extra sell Slots

Up to 15 simultaneously orders and also 100 everyday orders on both the Marketplace and also Currency Exchange (vs 10/10 because that non-members).

Exclusive Bonus Vault Tab

Increase your storage capacity! Unlock an exclude, bonus Vault tab for Premium Members.

Character change Voucher for 90-Day and 365-Day Premium membership

Receive 1 Character modification Voucher v a 90-Day Premium Membership and also 4 Character alteration Vouchers through a 365-Day Premium Membership.

Additional day-to-day Dash and also Treasure Trove plays

Play the day-to-day Dash and Treasure Trove one additional time every day. Also, specific Daily Dash squares will grant added rewards. Only obtainable during their respective event periods.

Exclusive Tab in Dragon express

Exclusive tab through discounted items, and also the ability to market items straight from the Dragon Express.

Hongmoon black Feather

Get this distinctive head accessory as a bonus when you first sign up because that Premium Membership.

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Hongmoon black color Feather

Get this distinct head accessory as a bonus when you very first sign up because that Premium Membership.