Windows 10 pro 64 - recommends home windows 10 agree for businessAMD Ryzen™ 3 pro processor8 GB memory; 512 GB SSD storage15.6" diagonal line FHD display


This particular laptop had the attributes that i want from the processor come the SSD drive.Windows 11 was one more feature that swayed my purchase. Basic to setup the end of the box.Paired mine blue tooth tools with ease. Really snappy OS. Ns was impressed with the new Microsoftbrowser, typically a google chrome user, but found the new browser quite qualified for mine uses.Picture display is decision clear. Ns can't find anything i don't favor so much with this laptop.At any rate i am an extremely satisfied with the Pavilion 15-eh1097nr.

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* Pavilion Laptop - 15z-eh100
I to buy this laptop through ordering direct from last July and also was maybe to pick the choices I wanted. I'm completely satisfied v it's performance, video clip display, audio, etc. Add to it's light and also sleek looking.
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It is everything I ordered and expected. The main reason ns bought it is to play Minecraft. It works well for that.
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With an upgraded graphics card and processor, this computer has been handling Photoshop and Rhino simultaneously, together with an outside display and also Cintiq. No complaints at all!
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