This device was once defined as “The heal brush looks prefer a smart clone device on steroids”. And indeed the Healing device is a close loved one to the Clone Tool, but it is more smart come remove small failures in images. A usual usage is the removal of wrinkles in photographs. To execute so, pixels space not simply copied from resource to destination, but the area about the destination is taken into account before cloning is applied. The algorithm offered for this, is defined in a scientific document by Todor Georgiev .

To usage it, first choose a brush v a size adjusted to the defect. Climate Ctrl-click ~ above the area you desire to reproduce. Release the Ctrl crucial and drag the sample come the defect. Click. If the defect is slight, not very different indigenous its surrounding, it will certainly be corrected as soon. Else, you can correct that with repetitive clicks, however with a danger of daubing

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native the image-menu: devices → paint tools → Heal,

or by clicking the device icon:

in the Toolbox,

or by clicking the H key-board shortcut.


The Ctrl key is provided to choose the source. You can heal from any layer of any image, by clicking on the image display, through the Ctrl an essential held down, while the great is active (as shown in the class dialog). If Alignment is set to “Non-aligned” or “Aligned” in device Options, climate the suggest you click becomes the beginning for healing: the picture data in ~ that point will be provided when you an initial begin painting with the heal tool. In source-selection mode, the cursor alters to a crosshair-symbol.


once the source is set, if you press this key, you will watch a thin line connecting the formerly clicked suggest with the present pointer location. If girlfriend click again, while walking on stop the Shift crucial down, the device will “heal” follow me this line.


Normally, tool alternatives are shown in a home window attached under the Toolbox as shortly as friend activate a tool. If they space not, friend can access them from the photo menu bar v Windows → Dockable windows → Tool alternatives which opens the option window of the selected tool.

Mode; Opacity; Brush; Scale; Brush Dynamics, Fade out, apply Jitter, hard Edges watch the typical Paint Tool choices for a description of tool choices that apply to many or all repaint tools. Sample linked

If you allow this option, heal is not calculated only from the worths of the active layer, yet from every visible layers.


This alternative is defined in Clone tool.

although the Heal tool has typical features through the Clone device on using, the result is fairly different.

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2 black point out in the red area. Zoom x800. The source is where the four colors meet. Cloning on the left spot. Healing on the best spot.