My friends and I have collection up a battle server wherein we basically just kill every other, however we have actually really fancy bases and stuff to hide from every other. However, the hidden-ness that us, deserve to get destroyed due come the name tags appearing above players" top whether or no those players can be seen. E.G. I got into mine friend"s basic without the knowing, however he had the ability to tell because he can see my surname tag moving throughout his display when that looked right into his base. That commonly kills the fun.Should I create to Notch and ask the to add something to adjust that, or is over there any way to fix it, myself?


There"s a built-in method to execute this (that has built-in balancing drawbacks) and also a modding way.

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To hide your name from various other players, just sneak (crouch) the whole time you space trying to protect against detection. Your name won"t present through blocks then, and also even without blocks in the method it will certainly be dimmed and also harder come read.

The modding method is a Bukkit plugin called HeroSneak that will add a server command /sneak (along with persmissions hooks for who deserve to use it, etc., so as usual friend will require other mods if you want to limit it). HeroSneak exploits the built-in means of hiding your name: it just activates the name-hiding attribute with a command rather of tie it to even if it is or no you are crouching.

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The Minecraft client receives packets that are specially formatted. The 2 that issue are NamedEntitySpawn and EntityDestroy. NamedEntitySpawn allows you spawn an circumstances of any player, however the player can"t carry out anything unless programmed to do so. You can additionally take a genuine person, damage their entity to all existing players, transform the name, then generate the reality back. This can reason a huge variety of issues because minecraft usernames space assumed distinctive non empty strings. What you"re suggesting may break various other plugins.




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