DreamWorks is continuing the slow-moving drip strategy for releasing new character posters. Critical week DreamWorks computer animation released Fishlegs’ How come Train her Dragon 2 personality poster and this week another poster was revealed that features the twins Ruffnut and also Tuffnut.


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Just like the Hiccup, Astrid and also Fishlegs posters, ns love the details in this, the helmet, the hair (I choose this beard over Fishlegs’) and the dragon look once again amazing. Even though i really love the redesigns that the characters and also the impressive details in the characters, ns don’t prefer the ingredient of this poster. I really like the ingredient in Hiccup and Astrid’s poster since in those posters you have the main human personalities on the left next of the poster, a black color background and also their dragon in the background, these new posters just feature the top of the human characters and their dragons. It’s so crowded and unfocused! yet I guess: v that’s the life the a twin.

Read Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s official How come Train your Dragon 2 character summary below:

”Ruffnut and also Tuffnut space grumpy brother-sister twins who bicker constantly and also are forced to share a two-headed dragon. Both characters are fearless and also a bit reckless at times. While Tuff has actually been able to get by simply fine through his off-putting personality, Ruff’s unladylike behavior causes problems. No wonder she’s the last solitary lady top top Berk!”

How to Train her Dragon 2 is the second film in the DreamWorks Dragons trilogy. This second film will continue five year after the an initial film ended and this time us will check out Hiccup as a teenager. When Astrid and the others are daunting each other to Dragon races, Hiccup and his girlfriend Toothless are experimenting the world. Once they find a mystery ice cave, they realize it’s residence to hundreds of brand-new wild dragons and a secret Dragon rider.

How to Train your Dragon 2 will release in theatres June 13, 2014

Who of the pair is your favorite in this new HTTYD2 character poster?

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