We’ve all seen those oh-so-chic gals walking down the beach through the perfect tied and also positioned sarong. It every looks so effortless yet is it really? We’ve been in this sarong gig because that awhile and we’ve learned a couple of secrets follow me the way.

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Watch how I display you how come tie the sarong together a dress:

Here’s our top four ideas to sarong tying success add to our five favorite layouts to shot (and girlfriend don’t have to wait until you’re at the beach!):

Choose your product wisely. Sarongs come in all species of materials and also each is beloved in that is own way but once it comes to a tie that holds and also draping that flatters her curves, a rayon-blend is the method to go. Luckily this is a traditional and natural material used in real Batiks and also it’s ours go-to fabric selection for all our sarongs and pareos. The bonus is this product is quick drying so it easily can walk from a day in ~ the beach to a night on the town.Go big. The much more material you need to work with, the better coverage you’ll get and the more styles you deserve to play with. Many of our sarongs are 67” long and also 45” vast so you have the right to wrap totally around her body or tie about your neck and still have actually a cute below-the-knee dress.Add a belt, jewelry, or cute heels. This really adds a more dress-vibe to your sarong and looks really good over a simple black or white sleeveless shift. It also gives girlfriend many much more options and ensures the sarong will stay closed.

Our 5 favorite tie styles and also how come tie them plus a video:

Halter dress: hold the sarong through one long side up and the opening in front. Carry up under her armpits and also put each corner together in front and tie in a node tight versus your breast line. Climate twist every end, wrap roughly your neck and also tie in back.

One shoulder: organize the sarong with one lengthy side up with the opening at her side. Lug under your armpits yet this time tie the very first knot above your shoulder. Climate tie the bottom 2 corners underneath your eight at around waist level. Use two clips for this style.

Grecian style, one-shoulder: host sarong with lengthy side up just above your waist, drape left-hand edge over your shoulder, pull right hand edge under her left arm, lug up throughout your earlier to satisfy the various other corner and also tie in a node on optimal of your appropriate shoulder. Readjust draping for coverage.

Cardigan style: organize with short side up, v opening in front. Lug up under her armpits, holding each edge out in front of you. Tie corners in a knot simply at the guideline of the fabric, put behind her neck and let the fabric drape under your front. Because that a much more formal look, cinch through a belt in ~ the waistline.

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Maxi-skirt style: organize with one lengthy side up and also simply wrap roughly your body at belt level (or chest level because that our brief girls) until you have full coverage, tie in a simple knot or thread through a clip to host in place. Undertake over short shorts or leggings v a bikini optimal or cute level tee.

Watch exactly how I show you how to tie the sarong as a dress:

We have so countless different sarongs to select from– including batiks, heavy colors, through fringe or beads, and also plus sizes. Shop here