Direwolves because that my tastes room the starter mount of an option since they carry out not need a saddle come be mounted after gift tamed.

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Getting them and making your wolf pack for included protection in resource runs or riding the alpha with its pack right into battle against the dangerous points of the land. I would certainly say the the dire wolf and also its pack is a survivor’s finest friend.

Hunting these pets for Pelt or catching them is rather a task yet not too difficult for the median survivor.

 Be wary though meeting one when gathering sources is a problem because when you check out one its load will not be much so take it utmost care survivor when approaching these beasts.

They room territorial and will assault you when your presence is detected, resulting v it along with any adjacent members that its pack to chase you indefinitely unless you uncover a way to escape.



Dossier Summary

In the dossier, Direwolves are explained as scary i m sorry is no only since of the incredible dimension but likewise its capacity to take it down larger creatures, particularly when in a pack. Direwolves will hardly ever be seen hunting without a fill as they are more effective in a group and when there is an appointed alpha, the pack shows up to have actually a boost in morale.

With a combination of strength and also agility, the Direwolf is one of the best battle mounts there are and along with its ability to jump, this creatures can chase down any type of prey in sight.

Direwolves have actually keen senses, allowing them not only to detect adversaries hidden from plain sight but likewise to track down the wounded, making it almost impossible for its prey to escape.

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1) Howl


When there space two or much more Direwolves, the alpha (highest level Direwolf in pack) may use This capability to give all load members a 50% damage rise and 25% damage reduction.

Default Controls:

Right click (for PC)LT (for Xbox)L2 (for PS4)

2) pack Bonus (Passive)


Direwolves have actually strength in numbers and gain a rise when there room other nearby which gives them 5% bonus damage for every other Direwolf nearby.

This stacks as much as a preferably of four while having at the very least 2 or more Direwolves appoints the stronger one as the alpha, giving it the usage of that Howl ability.

3) sense Wounded (Passive)


The Direwolf is qualified of sensing when an enemy is near death and will have the ability to detect the percentage of wellness that adversaries or wild creatures have.

Health percent is displayed by one indicator i m sorry transitions native yellow come red with yellow describe around fifty percent health and red indicating near death.

A white cross mirrors that a target is deceased and also can aid in finding body of enemies.



Direwolves have actually incredible speed and also agility, making them wonderful tames when travelling ~ above land in addition to their capacity to jump end obstacles.

Combat Mount

The direwolf leader can buff it’s fill while the survivor have the right to give regulates to the various other members the the pack.

Pack Fighters

Being load hunters, Direwolves with each other can easily take down enemies that are even larger 보다 their very own size and in addition to the buff listed by the alpha, they have the right to make fast work of your enemies.

Enemy Tracking

Their crawl senses allow them to detect adversaries that room mortally wounded, enabling its people to conveniently locate any type of stragglers that stay after a battle or aid when hunting down specific prey.

How come Tame Direwolf?


Direwolves deserve to be immobilized through bolas and also knocked out v tranquilizing weapons or also a club to knock castle out yet be sure to remember to hit the wolf from the sides or the earlier because it will still attempt to bite friend if that is offered the chance.



Superior Kibble

Other Food

Raw MuttonCooked Lamb ChopRaw prime MeatCooked element MeatRaw element Fish MeatRaw MeatCooked element Fish MeatCooked MeatRaw Fish MeatCooked Fish Meat


No Saddle Required


The Direwolf does not call for a saddle might be ridden ideal away after being domesticated which also makes that a great starting tame due to the fact that no added resources are forced to handmade a saddle.




Direwolves space mammals and the female will certainly gestate ~ mating before giving birth to a baby Direwolf.


Resources harvest From Direwolf Body

HidePeltRaw Meat


Most Direwolves can be uncovered roaming in packs about snowy mountains and other cold locations where the temperature is low.

Direwolf generate Location

The IslandThe CenterScorched EarthRagnarokExtinction

Direwolf spawn Location:

The complying with are spawn maps where the Direwolf have the right to be found

The Island https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(The_Island)

The facility https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(The_Center)

Scorched earth https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Scorched_Earth)

Ragnarok https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Ragnarok)

Extinction https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Extinction)


Tribes may obtain an early benefit of having Direwolves tamed due to your versatility and also strength in numbers when multiple have been domesticated.

They room moderately challenging to tame because one of castle alone can be quite difficult while a totality pack can turn things around and also end up v the demise of those attempting come tame them.

Direwolves are capable of protecting a tribe, especially throughout the early stages whereby they have just started to settle into a new base or once they room exploring.

You can’t walk wrong v multiple of this creatures domesticated as castle are taken into consideration one of the finest early mounts if the survivor deserve to handle taming them.

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Breeding them to do a strong bloodline for your tribe comes in handy later on as they can safeguard your basic from predators or serve as a deterrent for unwanted guests.