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7 authentic methods to speak “how are you” in Italian

You meet an Italian, and also you asking him/her "come sta?" (how are you) and also expect a passionate answer around what’s he/she’s been approximately lately. Regardless of Italians often tend to quickly share your feelings, he/she can simply answers "good, and also you?". What did you execute wrong? no much. In fact, the just mistake friend made to be to use the wrong "how room you". In Italian, there space several methods to say "how space you". Use the appropriate “how space you” and Italian world will open up up come you and also gladly tell you about their day, thoughts and feelings. Use the wrong type and they’ll tell friend “bene grazie” while you’re left wonder what come say next. Today, we’d choose to display you 7 typical ways come say “how room you” in Italian (with a tiny bonus at the end) and explain when and also how to use each variation therefore you can easily attach with people, start conversations in Italian and also show just how much girlfriend care. (with a bonus in ~ the end)

7 authentic means to speak “how room you” in Italian

asking "how are you" in Italian the not just a greeting or a means to start or a conversation. You generally ask "come sta?" if you really care about the various other person. So, if it’s the an initial time you satisfy a human being you usually don’t questioning "how are you?".

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"Come sta?" : the classical formal Italian "how are you"

"Come sta?" is the most usual "how room you" in italian. You have the right to safely use it any kind of situation. We say safely, because you won’t offend anyone by utilizing it. However, it’s no the ideal Italian “how room you” to usage in not blocked situations. It’s tough to translate it literally. In Italian, the verb stare way something in between to stay and also to be.

"Come stai?" : The classical informal Italian "how are you"

This is the “informal” variation of "come sta?" as suggested by the use of “tu”, the informal Italian “you”.

"Come va?" : The familiar "how space you"

"Come va?" literally means "how is the going" or "how that goes". So, it supplies the verb to go in Italian. You have the right to use the for certain with friends, family members members and people you understand well.You can additionally use ‘Come va’ in a officially conversation if you know the other human being well enough.

"Tutto bene?" : The short Italian "how space you"

Italian people love deleting words and also letters when they speak.You have the right to use "tutto bene?" the same method you’d use "va tutto bene ?".You simply need to understand that "tutto bene?" is often taken into consideration less serious than “come stai” and other Italian "how space you", so world are much less likely to provide you a deep answer.In fact, the most usual answer come "tutto bene ?" is: "tutto bene" (literally: all well), an interpretation everything is walk well.

"Come si sente?" : The deep Italian "how are you"

"Come si sente ?" literally way "how perform you feel?".You use it once you understand someone to be sick or had actually a problem and want to know if they’re currently doing better.A feasible answer would be "mi sento meglio" (I’m feeling better) or "non molto" (not really).

"Come ti senti?" : The deep and friendly "how are you"

You have the right to use "Come ti senti ?" to ask a friend that was emotion sick or probably a tiny depressed if he’s now feeling better.This is merely the informal version of "come si sente?".

"Va meglio?" : The ‘follow-up’ "how space you"

You usage "Va meglio?" it as soon as you know someone to be sick or had a problem and also want to know if they’re currently doing better.

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It have the right to be offered in a formal or friendly instance

"Come butta?" The colloquial (almost slang) Italian "how room you"

BONUS literally “buttare” way “to throw” is a colloquial and really informal way to questioning "how space you" in Italian, often taken into consideration as a regional variation.