My surname is Clay. A Mexican friend finds the name rather amusing: as if someone were called "Dirt," ns guess.

He stated my identical name in Mexico would be "Barro." I uncover that "Arcilla" also method "Clay", however the Mexican speakers of I know are unfamiliar through that word.

Is it seldom-used? Archaic? Regional? Poetic?



I suggest distinction the usage of both indigenous in context, is far better the usage of word Arcilla for refer the product used because that jar or sculpture (as
Diego says), instead Barro the it might be assumed for some meanings:

El niño se resbaló en el barro.No dare toques ese barro! (reference to acne "pimples").

I can"t tell girlfriend is arcilla is offered in every single nation or not. That could require translate into a list from assorted contributors (like this answer).

I have the right to tell you that is use is neither archaic nor poetic. In Spain is as used as barro. The difference could be the barro is dirt too, while with arcilla you constantly convey that is a material with a particular composition or characteristics.

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As much as ns know, it does"t also matter if has been cook or not. Friend can describe a seasoned or sculpture as made the barro or arcilla. Human being will recognize you from the context.



I"m native Spain, and also it"s like Mauricio and also Diego says.

Arcilla is for the material for sculpture when barro it"s much more used because that the dust in the ground where kids play with water, like Diego say: "mud".

But in Spain we don"t claimed barro for pimples.Pimples in is "granos".

Barro really means mud. Arcilla is a much more precise translate into of clay. A lot of world don"t closely distinguish between clay and mud, in either language. This is particularly true in casual conversation.

I"m indigenous Mexico, I understand clay deserve to mean "arcilla" so ns guess it"s because people speak various in different parts that the country, that can explain why they don"t understand (or don"t uncover it common) the word "arcilla".

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