tune structure Start an easy bring in Left Hand Play ignorance Lead twin up the speed! Add 5th string learn Low Melody part

The short Melody is the many important part of Cripple Creek, girlfriend play that after the High part to do the verse, and also after the role to do the chorus.

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Here’s The Tab for The low Melody


The short Melody section is play in ignorance Lead style, which way that the melody is played v the right hand thumb, i m sorry is constantly on the beat.

In this cost-free video you will see the framework of the tune first, climate you will certainly learn how to play an easy Thumb command melodies utilizing right and also left hand together. You will be play on the 3rd and fourth strings that the banjo, and also using simply two basic left hand fingerings.

Left hand fingerings because that chorus that Cripple Creek on 5-string banjo.

Once you’ve obtained comfortable v the simple fretting and picking techniques in the very first five minutes of this free video, girlfriend will development towards playing the low melody part of Cripple Creek which includes doubling increase the speed by choose extra notes with the ideal hand fingers. Don’t worry, it’s a lot much easier than you can think!

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Next Steps

Once you deserve to play the low Melody, move onto the next cost-free video and learn the Square Roll. Placed this in former of the short Melody you’ve currently learnt ~ above this page and you will have the ability to play the chorus of Cripple Creek!


Thumb Lead

The chorus of Cripple Creek (Low Melody + Roll) is played completely in ignorance Lead style. This is just one of the oldest and also most authentic styles of playing and also it’s also the easiest way for a beginner to begin playing the banjo due to the fact that the ignorance is always on the beat.

In the Banjo Academy over there are five songs play in ignorance Lead style. These five songs have been very closely selected to provide you the best possible experience of this wonderful banjo style. All of these songs use the same basic right hand picking methods and an easy left hand fingering positions, however each song is unique and will offer you a different musical finding out experience.

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It’s not simply possible—it’s simple using these straightforward hand positions.

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