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People that are new to Roadhog would generally at the really beginning battle to make one shot kill happen with his hook combo. Seeing so plenty of other hogs able to do that, yet you just can’t carry out it. Well, there room some tricks the you need to know about the hook one shot death combo and also what the advantages usually execute before and also during the hook that make the death easy.

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Roadhog’s one shot combos

Below space the 3 most common ways the executing Roadhog’s one shot combo:

Shoot as soon as + Hook + Headshot + MeleeHook + to walk a step forward to your target + Headshot + MeleeHook + Upon contact pull downward + Headshot + Melee

Shooting once first before hooking

The common issue with hook combo not being able kill your target is because it sometimes can’t do full 200 damage to your target, depending upon the size and also the form of your target (bigger size heroes like Doomfist will certainly receive much more damage from your shotgun than someone favor a Mercy) and the method you use your hook shot combo (will be defined below).

The easiest means to check a death of your target is by shooting him/her when first, and then complete him off v a basic hook + headshot + melee hit combo. The extra damage from the an initial shot, also if it’s simply a little damage, will aid filling increase the 200 damage needed that you can miss v your hook combo.

Pulling a tiny downward upon hooked

Similar to the hook + transforming sideway combo the you would usage for eco-friendly kill, if friend pull her hook bottom upon contact on enemy, it will certainly somehow pull foe slightly nearer to you so that your target have the right to receive much more damage from her shotgun. As soon as the hook is a success, shoot castle in their heads and finish them off through a melee hit.

This bring away a many practices come master. As soon as you ultimately get the feeling to be able to hook your foe to whichever direction friend please, the pulling downward trick is just a piece of cake.

Walk a action forward to your target ~ hook

Another method is come walk a step toward to your target to get slightly closer come him/her right after friend hook him/her prior to you land your shot, in order to deal much more damage increase close. This need to usually check the death if friend aim best at your head and also finish them off through a melee hit.

As this tricks requires you to take about a quarter of a 2nd to get close to her target, the doesn’t work for heroes who have actually escape capability such as Moira’s Fade, Tracer’s Recall, Genji’s Dash, Reaper’s Shaddowform, etc. Because in that mere 4 minutes 1 of a sec, it’s an ext than enough time for them to usage their ability to run away native you.

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It bring away a ton of techniques to actually grasp your hook and your one shoot combo. Ns would suggest you to produce a practice maps through a bunch of hard Lucios (note: tough Lucio will attempt come dodge your hook and also shots) and also practice her hook and combo v them.