The following are different methods to start Fire in Zelda: Breath that the Wild so you won’t have to worry around not being able to explore a cave since it is too dark or no being able to cook food.

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How to begin Fire in Zelda: Breath the the Wild

Fire has multiple applications in Legend that Zelda: Breath the The Wild choose to detonate explosive barrels, burn platforms, burning the grass and also other plants to damage enemies and so on.

Hitting Flint with steel ObjectThe very first method of starting a fire is v hitting Flint through a metallic object. However, you will need to have actually it near a wooden object so that it can record fire.

If you room not sure where girlfriend can achieve Flint, flints deserve to be obtained from rocks by blowing castle up with bombs or breaking them through a hammer.

Fire ArrowsYou can use a fire arrowhead to start a fire in Legend the Zelda Breath that The Wild. Fire arrows are obtained reasonably early in the game.

If girlfriend don’t have actually them already, climate the fire arrows can be acquired in a skull-like structure east of the holy place of Time. Clean this area the enemies and there will certainly be chest inside from which friend will get the fire arrows. Friend can also get her hands on some fire arrows through different town shops and also wandering merchants.

You can also get fire arrows indigenous various village shops and also wandering merchants. Simply target the thing you desire to collection on fire and shoot.

Transfer Fire from One wood Object come The OtherIt is a an extremely simple method all you need to do is light a wood object like a torch indigenous a nearby lantern or torch and also take it to the object to light it on fire.

If you room using a wooden object various other than the torch climate the fire will certainly consume that wooden object.

Strike Red Chuchu JellyIn this method, all you need to do is drop some Red Chuchu Jelly and also strike the which will cause a small explosion and also you will fire. Girlfriend can acquire Red Chuchu Jellies indigenous enemies referred to as ‘Fire Chuchus’.

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Fire can also be uncovered in camps under cooking pots. You have the right to use the wood arrows to set on fire and use it to deal added damage to adversaries or fix puzzles. It is also important that keep link safe from fire together direct contact with fire will cause damage come Link.