What started in 2009 as the insider video game Demon Souls has actually turned into one of the most critically acclaimed blockbuster series in gaming history. The Souls collection is praised for its frustrating challenge offering no tutorials, no maps, no help, no hints, no hand holding — no nothing.

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however this has actually been a welcome readjust from today’s onslaught the casual gaming. To an increase sales, PC and console games are often designed so the ”everyone” deserve to jump in quickly, obtain instant gratification, and also encounter little frustration. Not Dark Souls. Football player must figure how the video game works by themselves. However the game has enjoyed massive advertising and vital success.

Dark Souls 3 is no exception. While the controls and also speed have improved drastically, it’s still a complicated game. Unfortunately, it’s likewise a console port, and thus has difficulties with graphical fidelity and performance. This is wherein this blog come in.

The following guide should help you an increase Dark Souls 3 graphics beyond the game"s borders (if your PC have the right to handle it). It have to also aid make the game run a little smoother, i beg your pardon is particularly helpful if you don’t rock the latest hardware.

For this guide, us tested Dark Souls 3 ~ above a Microsoft Surface publication Pro and a beefed up Alienware Area 51 R2 the sports twin 980 TIs (NVIDIA’s top-of-the-line graphics) functioning in tandem. Together of the composing of this article, the doesn’t gain much quicker than this, and also is at this time the just configuration the allows modern games to be play at 60 frames per 2nd (FPS) in 4K resolution. While the (far) less powerful Surface publication needed some tweaking to attain a smooth framerate, the Alienware to be configured to showcase game beauty in 4K resolution with absolutely maxed out graphics

Intel main point i5 6300U 2.5 GHz (Skylake), 2 physics cores, in ~ 3 GHz (boost)


NVIDIA GeForce cell phone (rebranded 940M)


Intel core i5 5820k (Broadwell), 6 physical cores at 4.4 GHz (overclocked)


2 Gigabyte Windforce 980 TI in ~ 1450 MHz (roughly 30% overclocked)


Can her PC also run Dark Souls 3?

While Dark Souls 3 is no as graphically superior as Witcher 3 or various other blockbuster titles choose the latest speak to of Duty, it’s tho a hardware killer.

Minimum Specs:

Recommended Specs:

OS: 10 (64-Bit)Processor: Intel main point i7 2600 3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8340 4.0 GHzMemory: 8 GBVideo Card: NVIDIA GeForce 970 GTX or equivalent

But no matter whether you have a lower-end or a higher-end gaming PC, I’ll present you just how to get the best quality and a lot smoother framerate the end of the game.

Oddly enough, Dark Souls 3 had problems detecting the finest settings ~ above both of my machines. On the surface ar Book, it rendered at complete HD (1920x1080) with high details–clearly too much for the ultraportable laptop/tablet hybrid which onlymanaged come crank the end a stutteringly slow 10fps. Unplayable. ~ above the other finish of the spectrum, Dark Souls 3 collection the resolution for my deluxe gaming rig to 1080p, regardless of it having actually the speech to screen buttery smooth gameplay at 4096x2160 (4k resolution).


Tip 1 – performance 101: optimize your PC and also laptop performance

Before we start optimizing because that Dark Souls 3, take it a moment to take it the 9 important steps to an increasing your computer or laptop speed (tips I released a when ago). This consist of the basics of getting your maker in peak shape. The most essential are:

Upgrade her graphics drivers and also even usage beta drivers.

Defrag your tough disk.

Because Dark Souls 3 still has actually some power issues, your computer or laptop must be tweaked come its absolute performance limit prior to you jump right into game-specific settings.

Tip 2 – gain the NVIDIA & AMD Dark Souls 3 drivers

As usual, both NVIDIA and AMD have actually prepared a distinct driver that’s optimized for Dark Souls 3 and enables double GPUs (SLI, if her rig sports it) for the best feasible performance.

One point to note: Some laptops sport 2 graphics processors: an Intel HD graphic GPU for an ext battery life top top the road, and also a discrete GeForce GPUor AMD GPU because that multimedia and gaming tasks. Normally Windows go this automatically, yet you have to make sure that your an equipment is utilizing the an ext powerful GPU. To perform that, right-click top top your desktop computer and go to her graphics control panel, such as theNVIDIA control Panel. switch to regulate 3D Settings and also make sure that the desired graphics processor is collection to NVIDIA High performance Processor.

Tip 3 – Tweak Dark Souls 3basic settings

The in-game graphic settings clearly showthat Dark Souls 3 is a console port. There aren’t too countless settings you can tweak:

On our gaming PC, the absolute greatest settings run smooth in ~ 4096x2160 (4K resolution). If your rig is powerful, however not fairly 4K capable, try reducing the Shadow quality to Medium, as this is just one of the most source intensive effects. The readjust should result in tiny to no intuitive differences, as displayed below:

Shadow at Maximumgame operation at one unplayable 6fps.


Shadow quality at Mediumgame operation at 35fps. If you look carefully (open the photos in complete screen), you might see a slight distinction in the shadows ~ above the house or the grass. However to it is in honest, ns don"t thinkeither one looks better or worse they"re just different.

There were some settings that had no or very little impact when readjusted from Max/High come Low/Off. These include Reflection quality, Shader quality, results quality, SSAO, and Water quality. An altering these might squeeze the end a few frames, but when contrasted to the visuals you’ll lose, they’re no worth it. If friend really need to enhance performance, try turning off Anti-Aliasing and reduce the texture quality. This will give you some loss in quality, yet it no really make the video game look favor something out of the beforehand 2000s.

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Of food the most effective way to optimize performance is to mitigate the resolution. If 1080p looked much crisper ~ above my surface Book, a low double-digit framerate isn’t yes, really playable.So ns went under to 1280x720, i beg your pardon literally tripled the framerate.

Tip 4 – for older NVIDIA GPUs: time because that a downgrade

Remember what us said about always obtaining the latest drivers? Forget all that —at least if you’re making use of an larger Nvidia card choose one native the 5xx or 6xx series (below the minimum specs). By act a downgrade, the adhering to YouTuber managed to walk from 12-16fps in the begin area to over 45fps ~ above a GeForce 560 Ti: