In real life, we provided cows come do many things. Like we get milk from cows and also drink that milk. It is why plenty of people shot to do cows in tiny Alchemy. But many the them nothing know, exactly how to do a cow. If you one of them, don’t worry.

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In this article, we will tell you step by step exactly how to do cow in tiny Alchemy. Follow the below-mentioned steps!

Steps to make Cow in tiny Alchemy:

In the first step, we will make Grass:Air + Water = RainRain + earth = PlantPlant + earth = GrassIn the 2nd step, we will certainly make Swamp:Earth + Water = MudMud + plant = SwampIn the third step, we will make Energy:Air + Fire = EnergyIn the fourth step, we will make Livestock:Swamp + power = LifeLife + planet = HumanHuman + plant = FarmerFarmer + Life = LivestockIn the fifth step, finally, we will make Cow:Grass + livestock = Cow

Video tutorial on exactly how to do Cow in little Alchemy:


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