I have a issue where Apex Legends wont go into Exclusive Full screen mode, if ns go into any type of other resolution various other than 1920x1080(native) the will get in fullscreen exclusive setting I am also one of countless others who have actually been having actually this worry it has actually been a few days and even v the spot no avail come a fix, I have tried multiple techniques e.g. ALT+ get in disabling 3rd party applications etc.

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Re: to exclude, Fullscreen problem (Apex legends wont go into true fullscreen)


Credits come : QunTV the attach to the systems :https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ap51yz/game_not_going_in_exclusive_full_screen_mode/eg...

Hi guys, i posted this ~ above the subreddit yet figured I"d crosspost to right here after see Jayfresh"s post:Bit of a strange one and no large ddigitalrecordersreview.orgl as it"s not specifically a lot of of effort to just hit ALT+Enter, but I"m not certain why it"s occurring; I"ll open the game and also it"s in windowed mode, I have actually Fullscreen selected in settings alrdigitalrecordersreview.orgdy, but I have double-checked as well, ns ALT+Enter and also it goes to fullscreen and also the next time I open up it, it"ll be windowed again.More the a nuisance 보다 anything else, any kind of suggestions welcome, cheers!

Everytime i log right into play Apex my game is in window Mode even after I readjust and save it come FullScreen. Likewise when notifications come up while in video game it tabs out of my fullscreen setting at times. PLdigitalrecordersreview.orgSE settle THIS. This is happening to everyone....

Video config record is located in :C:\Users\(*Your Useraccount*)\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\localVideo config.txtCan girlfriend manually enter :"setting.defaultres" "1920""setting.defaultresheight" "1080""setting.fullscreen" "1"
I have actually tried this Doesn"t work likewise I have actually noticed ns cant enter exclusive Full display screen no issue what resolution ns go
Hey walk u try forcing it to launch in full screen from origin, if not here"s just how to :1.open origin, go to game library2.right click apex and also click properties3.go to advanced launch alternatives and type"-fullscreen" there is no quotes.

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I have actually same problem, however when i select borderless window > apply and then full screen > apply, it renders it full screen.
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