What perform alt-J and also a rice cake have actually in common? The capability to produce viral gold, apparently.

Two YouTubers have enjoyed half a million see in less than 24 hours after uploading an on-point indict of exactly how to make an alt-J song, all the if chomping under on part rice cakes.

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alt-J themselves seem to have acquired wind of their formula being cracked, together they"ve adjusted their Twitter avatar come a picture of the snack in question.

It seems there"s no difficult feelings though, together the rice cake-eating geniuses have actually ensured: "THIS IS A PARODY...nothing typical spirited in the direction of alt-J."

Just walk to present that also with a Mercury Prize, a Grammy nomination and also a number one album, no-one is safe from the clutches the YouTube.

Watch the music video clip for alt-J"s "Every various other Freckle" below:

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