They say discover something friend love to perform as a job. Ns love to sit down, eat and sleep when I want and play video games or read books. Ns don't want to produce games, ns don't want to it is in a beat tester. I want to remain home and also do nothing. How can I make this happen?


Professional residence sitter. There room agencies you can work with, you need to have actually a clean record and also excellent references. Then you acquire paid come live in pretty houses.

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Winning the lottery. Being super attractive and marrying someone yes, really rich. Being rather attractive and also marrying someone rich sufficient to assistance you. Having actually a boy with someone to pressure them into marrying you and supporting you.

So you one of two people hit some stupidly lengthy odds, or latch onto who to pay your bills because that you. Being attractive renders this socially agree (trophy husband/wife).

Not a stupid question, and also I know civilization will think I'm overreacting yet I would shot to break complimentary of the mindset. Ns was/am the very same way, and it ultimately evolved right into depression.

Untreated depression is why i don't reap much. I need to live v it though, treatment and also medication is just too expensive.

Living in the 'now' and not looking to the future. Know it for this reason well.

So what perform you do as soon as you're hungry? (to OP and anyone else)...

live turn off the grid. Build/buy a tiny house and also be self sustainable. Grow and hunt your own food or just work a couple of hrs a week come afford basics.

be a trophy husband. If you're depressed and also not at sight attractive, this will be much an ext difficult.

if you space legitimately depressed, girlfriend can apply for disability. This is a long process though.

my an individual advice. It makes sense the you don't want to offer yourself and also your time toiling away for a shitty hourly wage hour by hour, job by day, year by year. Ns didn't want to do that either, its not a strange mentality that only you have. Hell, ns still believe anyone who doesn't have actually that mentality is a full goober.

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So perform something with your life. What cause can you acquire behind? What is something an overwhelming that interests you? What have the right to you bring to the table? you don't want to occupational a job because there isn't a real function to it. You're simply some guy pushing buttons or scan up floors or talk to stroked nerves customers. Yet if friend don't actively shot and adjust that, its never going to get better. You're not motivate to perform anything simply due to the fact that your current prospects space menial labor. So improve your instance to something different and also better.