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Anti static Wrist plunder – image Source: Joom


Anti revolution Mat – photo Source: Gamers Nexus Store

You might’ve to be told that you need these items come “ground” you yourself to make sure that girlfriend don’t destroy any precious computer components because of “static electricity.”

But what does all of that even mean, and also do friend really also need any type of of it?

Why execute You have to Ground Yourself?

The reason and need for grounding yourself is reasonably simple, however we need to talk around a little of science an initial to really know it.

You can have heard the all objects are made out of something called atoms. This is true.

However, this atoms are additionally made of something and also they’re dubbed subatomic particles.

The main subatomic corpuscle that develop up one atom room protons, electrons, and also neutrons

You still with me? We’re virtually done.

These subatomic components each have actually their very own “charge.” Protons are positively charged, electrons are negatively charged, and neutrons have actually a neutral charge.

When it concerns these charges, opposites attract. Optimistic is attracted to an adverse and negative is attractive to positive. Think magnets. Opposites attract, same sides repel.

And when whatever is normal, every those charges are in equilibrium. But if there is an ext of one fee over the other, that is what we speak to static electricity.

Alright, now we’re done through the high college science course refresher.

Now, why did ns explain all of that? Simple. As soon as you obstacle yourself on miscellaneous that’s prone to offer off static electrical energy (clothing, carpet, etc), you collect a small amount of static electrical energy in the type of negatively fee electrons.


Electrostatic Discharge – picture Source: Gesrepair

These negatively fee electrons then just chill on her person, slowly getting also bigger together you continue to obstacle yourself ~ above things, prior to getting violently blasted the end from girlfriend onto a steel doorknob, or computer component with much more positively fee protons.

Most of the time, this isn’t a huge deal. You could get a bit spooked native it, however other than that, there’s no harm done.

But it’s various when you’re talking about technology.

You see, modern technology runs on electricity, much more specifically, an innovation runs on an extremely specifically calculated and monitored amounts of electricity.

If you include in what is usually a miniature lightning strike right into that fragile operation and, well, I’m certain you can imagine why that wouldn’t job-related out.

That is the gist that what static electrical power is and also what static discharges are.

And ground connection yourself means you on purpose make sure that you have no revolution buildup on your human being by emotional something with a more positive fee (bare metal) before working top top delicate technology to make sure that friend don’t accidentally break a component.

What Can take place if You nothing Ground Yourself

Minor shocks, fail of components, the fallen of society as we understand it.

Alright, maybe not the critical one. The first one is self-explanatory, yet the 2nd one is a bit much more nuanced than simply the failure of materials as well.

PC contents have come a long way. Friend literally have more horsepower on every little thing you’re reading this on than we did when we very first sent a male to the moon.

In this long evolutionary march, PC materials have additionally gotten a lot an ext resilient as well.


Discharges that provided to end materials aren’t as much of a concern nowadays because of every the protections built into them come make sure they can weather part discharges.

This isn’t come say that they’re totally protected, however. You have the right to just plain gain unlucky and shock something the wasn’t shielded and that’s the finish of the story.

But compared to what they offered to be, PC contents have become a lot much more resilient.

How can You floor Yourself

There is a myriad of ways you deserve to ground yourself, however the easiest method is to either touch part bare metal or acquire an anti-static wrist strap.


If you’re in a place ripe for static electricity generation, if you’re just a person that appears to constantly have static follow lock around, or if you’re functioning on something that you don’t desire to take any chances on, then obtain an anti-static wrist strap and attach that to your case, a metal workdesk leg or a metal shelf.

But if you understand what you’re doing and also live in a place that isn’t too prone to revolution buildup, then you don’t really require an anti-static wrist strap. Just touching some bare metal once in a when is enough.

Here’s a video clip of me putting on my Anti-Static Wrist Band. This one is hooked up to my mode Matte, i m sorry in turn has actually a cable running under to a metal leg of mine desk. (Somewhat exaggerated, ns know)

Common Misconceptions

“You have to plug in her PSU, revolve it off, and also touch it.”

You don’t need to execute this, however it’s another means that you deserve to use to discharge static electrical power from her body prior to you work-related on her PC.

You could also touch part bare metal and that’ll job-related fine as well.

“You need an anti-static wrist strap or you’ll break your PC.”

You don’t need an anti-static wrist strap. And also the opportunity of you entirely breaking her PC due to not making use of one is an extremely low. It’s a great way to continue to be safe, but it isn’t absolutely needed.

“Static electricity will fried food your computer system if you’re not super careful.”

It definitely can, however that doesn’t mean that you have to treat whatever like a fragile daisy in are afraid of frying it. PC components are pretty tough.

If you occupational in a clean environment away native static and also make certain to touch part bare steel once in a while, the chance of you frying your pc is virtually non-existent.

In Summary

I’ll be honest, I’ve rarely provided an anti-static mat no one a strap in all my time building PCs.


I’ve literally developed PCs ~ above the carpet (sacrilege, i know) and my PCs have been fine—though ns highly, highly recommend friend not build top top a carpet.

Now, I’m not saying this to say the anti-static tools aren’t useful. Castle wouldn’t exist if lock weren’t valuable in some method or form.

What ns am speak is the as long as you take at least some precaution—touching part bare metal once in a while, no moonwalking top top the carpet once building, no letting your cat lounge top top the pc parts—you’ll it is in fine.

And that’s the thing. These anti-static devices aren’t intended for you. Yeah, friend can certainly use them, however it’s a bit overkill.

Think of the like structure a entirety brand brand-new garage to just adjust your car’s tire.

These species of anti-static tools are ideal used in areas where PC materials are constantly gift shuffled around, repaired, dropped, etc. Areas like tech repair shops or experienced PC structure stores.

In various other words, if you’re managing PCs and also juggling components all day long (or if your components are supervisor expensive), ideal anti-static security makes sense and also is absolutely required.

However, if you’re just making a new PC or upgrading a component, merely working in a clean area away from any static creating clothes or carpets, and also grounding yourself by touching some bare steel once in a while is more than enough.


How attention Is not Grounding Yourself when You develop a PC?

It counts on a the majority of factors.

It’s not an finish of the civilization scenario and also you’re most likely not gonna fry anything, however you should make certain to ground yourself by emotional some bare steel at the very least.

The opportunity of something breaking is low, yet if you deserve to reduce that possibility to nearly zero with tiny to no effort, why not execute it?

Do Wireless Anti-Static Wrist Straps Work?

No. Acquire one v a wire and also an alligator clip.

Can girlfriend Move roughly When You’re working on a PC?

Certainly. Girlfriend just need to make certain that you’re far from any static structure fabrics and carpets. Moving about on brick or lumber is completely fine.

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And if you can’t occupational in an environment like that—maybe your totality house is carpeted—then I’d store my motions to a minimum and also wear an anti-static wrist strap.

Over to You

Have any kind of other questions about safety when structure a PC? Feel cost-free to ask united state in the comments or ours forum!